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A lot of entrepreneurs keep in touch with partners not only within Russia, but also abroad. This requires considerable expenses, and IP-telephony is an effective tool for reducing them. Such communication format is accessible due to the Internet connection. It allows you to make unlimited outgoing calls, which saves the company’s budget.
You are free to choose the rate yourself based on your business needs.
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A new type of connection

«Direct-dial City Number» implies connection of a selected pool of fixed telephone numbers. The major benefit of this solution is that it offers complete freedom of movement without loss of mobility. When you connect an unlimited city number online, you receive incoming calls on your smartphone – you get a kind of «landline connection in your pocket».
Service connection
KataTelecom Company provides communication in any place in Russia and across the globe. It is due to low cost of outgoing calls that you save your money on communication services both on international and internal calls.
Choice of equipment
You are free to choose programs for mobile devices or computer, IP-phones, software PBX and other equipment corresponding to the function of the communication terminal. There are different configurations to be found – X-Lite, 3CX, Zoiper, etc.
A virtual number for outgoing calls is required to connect local routes in many countries. We are ready to provide it for you. It won't be bound to any phone, you'll be able to use it anywhere and receive calls on any device.
You may need special equipment for SIP-telephony, based on cloud technologies. It is included in CRM-systems of companies. It is favoured not only because it reduces the cost of calls, but also because it merges the telephone numbers of the company into a unified network. The process is to maximize optimization of communication services, including those between employees and clients. Outgoing numbers are used not only for commercial purposes, but also for daily routine. Thanks to them individuals carry on negotiations with their relatives from other cities and countries. You are welcome to look closely and appreciate its benefits! In return, we will recommend the most suitable rate for you, and provide you with 24-hour technical support.


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