Service Rules – KataTelecom

1. Company provides Services to its Clients only. A client is a Person registered in the System.

2. During registration, a Client receives a personal login and password, which gives access to the System.

3. Company renders paid Services by providing access to a software application, which enables:
- incoming and outgoing calls;
- creating and delivering text messages.
Data transfer (text message content, phone numbers and other data) takes place from Client to Company via the Internet (data transfer protocols are also agreed to with Clients).

4. Services are provided on a round-the-clock basis. Company bears no responsibility for interruptions in service provision caused by maintenance activities, scheduled maintenance, as well for interruptions arising from the following circumstances: power supply issues, fires, terrorist acts, or as a result of force majeure. Company will inform Client about any scheduled maintenance, no later than 3 (three) calendar days prior to such maintenance.

5. In the case of a failure that has occurred on the Company’s side and caused an interruption in service provision to the Client, Company undertakes to immediately take measures to eliminate such failure.

6. Client must ensure confidentiality of the password that he/she received. Company bears no responsibility for any losses incurred by Client, as a result of loss of his/her password.

7. Client shall not use Services to publish rude, offensive, derogatory or threatening content, material that violates copyrights or any other rights or any material that is contrary to existing international law.

8. Client shall not use Services to send unsolicited and unwanted information (SPAM) to recipients.

9. Client shall not use numbering capacity of communications service providers and access numbers that do not belong to him/her as sender’s number (name). In particular, Client shall not use 4-digit access numbers, either as sender’s number (name) or in text messages.

10. Client guarantees and warrants that text message sender’s value (content) of numbers (names):
- is not prohibited by existing law and complies with existing ethical principles;
- in case text message sender’s value (content) of numbers (names) represents a trademark or a service mark, it has been registered by Client or obtained legally and subsequently,Client is fully entitled to provide Services using such trademarks and service marks;
- sender’s name must be no longer than 11 Latin symbols.

11. Client shall not use Services in order to sell illicit goods and products (drugs, smoking blends, weapons, pornographic materials etc.).

12. A single text message size must not exceed 70 symbols in Cyrillic letters or 160 symbols in Latin letters. Any text messages containing more symbols, shall be charged according to the Table 1

13. Bulk text messaging is available for all GSM service providers.

14. Phone numbers for bulk text messaging must comply with international format, but without the plus symbol.

15. Phone numbers for receiving calls and text messages may not be used for illegal purposes.

16 Virtual phone numbers for receiving text messages may not be used for cooperation with online services, payment systems etc. There is also a possibility that a phone number only works within the territory of one country. See for more details Table 2

17 Incoming text messages to US, Canada and UK city numbers are charged separately at the rate of $0.03 per one text message.

18 In case of violation of Articles 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15,16 of the Rules on Services Provision, Client shall be liable in accordance with Articles 4.4 and 4.5 of the Agreement.

Table 1

Long message pricing table
Number of SMSNumber of symbols
Cyrillic Latin

Table 2

Who can send SMS to your virtual number
CountryLocal SMSInternational SMS
AustraliaYesYes - see list
AustriaYesYes - see list
Hong KongYesNo
SpainYes - see listNo
IrelandYesYes - see list
Czech RepublicYesNo
ChinaYes - DetailedNo
USA (mobile)YesNo
SwedenYesYes - see list
South AfricaYesNo
South KoreaYesNo
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