Virtual one-time SMS numbers for registration

When it is necessary to get registered on a dating site or in a social network, but you don't want your mobile number to be seen.
If you are engaged in the accrual of likes or SMM, you need a few dozens of accounts.
Connecting bonus cards of different networks and stores, making new ones.
Getting bonuses for the first purchase in services that authorize the user by phone. For example, numbers for SMS-registrations can be connected for 1-5 RUB, and the discount for the first purchase will be 30% of the order.
Activation of profiles in various services with the help of SMS (for example, Avito). You do not need to have a second cell phone or buy dozens of physical SIM cards, you just need to register on our website.
There may be other situations that require a virtual number for receiving SMS. To connect this function, register on the site and select the desired service. You can write to our manager at any convenient time.
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Virtual number for registration

When registering in social networks, you need to enter your phone number, to which you will then receive an SMS confirmation. You can only use one number to register one account. When you need to create a second profile, it can be difficult to find an unregistered number. Buying a new SIM card is not always possible. Moreover, it is not profitable. And the best solution is to buy a virtual phone number for SMS from KataTelecom.

Why do I need a disposable virtual SMS number?

A virtual number is a number that works over the internet, through sip technology. You can get a temporary, disposable number at Katate Telecom. Most often it is used to receive codes sent by different social networks and e-mail resources: Facebook, Twitter and so on.
Virtual numbers for receiving SMS may be needed in such cases:
  1. You need to register in social networks or on a dating site but do not want to show your real mobile number to everybody.
  2. You are engaged in SMM.
  3. You want to connect bonus cards of various networks and shops during registration.
  4. In order to get bonuses for the first purchase from services that authorise the user by phone.
  5. In order to activate a new profile in various services by SMS, when a valid number is already used. In this case you will not need to buy a new SIM card or a second mobile phone.
A virtual mobile number for receiving SMS will be particularly useful if your page on a social network is frozen.
Many users use such numbers purely for anonymity purposes, keeping their privacy intact. This helps prevent the real phone number from falling into the hands of fraudsters.

Features of disposable virtual numbers for SMS reception

You can buy virtual phone number for SMS and then synchronize it with an application or an account you want, online at KatateTelecom. One-Time Virtual Number Service allows you to protect personal data from intruders.
In contrast to purchasing a SIM card in cellular communication stores, where you have to disclose your passport data, the acquisition and the process of binding a virtual number for receiving an SMS is completely confidential. You do not need to go anywhere or to provide documents with personal data.
All you need is internet access and a few minutes of free time. Virtual phone number for receiving sms provides reliable protection from annoying advertising and spam, help to register an account in forums and social networks without disclosing your data. Registered phone numbers that our service generates are for different countries in the world. You can use them to sign up to various social networks, dating sites, messengers, gaming sites and other services. Single numbers are valid for up to 10 minutes, after which you cannot use the number again.
Today you use the number, but tomorrow someone else may have it. Therefore you should use two-factor authentication immediately after registration. We recommend that you sign in on at least two devices because if you leave your account with a one-time virtual number you will no longer be able to receive an SMS to log in and will lose access.

Advantages of disposable virtual numbers for receiving SMS online from permanent ones

Having just one permanent phone number has limited options for the user. He can only have one account on each social network and still run the risk of his real number ending up in the hands of scammers.
Virtual numbers for texting help to solve several problems at once and have such advantages:
  • The number is issued for a limited period, during which you can receive SMS from various services completely free of charge.
  • You only pay for the received message. If a number does not receive an SMS, money will be returned to your balance.
  • Wide range of services and countries for SMS activation allows you to use virtual numbers for receiving SMS online all over the world.
  • Our API provides a user-friendly interface for third party software.
  • Large number of numbers at affordable prices.
For wholesale numbers, as well as for regular customers, discounts and promotional offers are available.

How do I buy disposable virtual phone numbers to receive SMS?

We are in the communications industry and have been providing virtual numbers for texting from all over the world for over 15 years. You can buy a Virtual Number for SMS cheap and create an account for any service quickly and easily.
Buy virtual number for SMS is very easy, it's done in just a couple of minutes. Here is what to do:
  1. Register on website.
  2. Refill balance in any way convenient for you.
  3. Choose a country and a mobile operator.
  4. A list of services you require.
  5. Copy your virtual number and use to register your account.
Wait for SMS with a code.
If you didn't succeed at first time or if you didn't find required country/service please contact our manager via online chat. On this site there is 24 hour technical support. Call center staff is available to answer your questions.
Given the purpose of using virtual number for sms reception, validity period may vary. You may use a one-time number for account activation for a limited period of 8 to 10 minutes.

Why should I choose Katatelecom One-Time SMS Numbers for account activation?

By applying to Katatelecom for a virtual SMS number you will get a number of advantages:
  • High speed of service. You will receive virtual number for SMS within few minutes after authorization.
  • Detailed statistics of all activations.
  • Instant SMS reception on virtual numbers.
  • Over 20,000 virtual numbers for receiving sms
  • Ability to contact technical support at any time of day.
  • Minimal fee from the most popular payment systems.
  • Low cost of service.
Want to get discounts from services or earn with hundreds of accounts? Leave your application on KatateTelecom website and we will send you a personalized offer in the near future.

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