Virtual one-time SMS numbers for registration

Virtual numbers for registration allows you to save privacy and money on various services that require a subscription after a few actions. They are used in the following situations:
When it is necessary to get registered on a dating site or in a social network, but you don't want your mobile number to be seen.
If you are engaged in the accrual of likes or SMM, you need a few dozens of accounts.
Connecting bonus cards of different networks and stores, making new ones.
Getting bonuses for the first purchase in services that authorize the user by phone. For example, numbers for SMS-registrations can be connected for 1-5 RUB, and the discount for the first purchase will be 30% of the order.
Activation of profiles in various services with the help of SMS (for example, Avito). You do not need to have a second cell phone or buy dozens of physical SIM cards, you just need to register on our website.
There may be other situations that require a virtual number for receiving SMS. To connect this function, register on the site and select the desired service. You can write to our manager at any convenient time.
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KataTelecom provides a wide range of telecommunications services at current prices. We work in Russia and Ukraine, offering reliable communication to individuals and legal entities.
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Additional services
In addition to the virtual number, our company offers functions to expand telephony capabilities.
  • Виртуальная АТС

    Автоматизирует процесс приема большого количества звонков и повышает лояльность клиентов.
  • Спам фильтры

    Теперь никто бесцеремонно не вторгнется в ваше личное пространство и не потребует немедленной реакции на сообщения не по теме.
  • Черные/белые списки

    Оградят вас от нежелательных контактов и не позволят упустить ни одного важного звонка.
  • Запись и подключение голосовых приветствий

    Специальное приветствие представляет компанию и производит хорошее впечатление на клиентов. Они сразу понимают, что дозвонились, куда надо.
  • Голосовая почта

    Каждый пропущенный звонок — упущенные продажи для бизнеса. Получайте голосовые сообщения и новые сделки с клиентами и партнерами.
  • Запись телефонных разговоров

    Позволит следить за эффективностью работы менеджеров с клиентами, решать спорные вопросы и сохранять данные для аналитики и усиления бизнеса.

Virtual PBX

Automates the process of receiving a large number of calls and increases customer loyalty.

Spam filters

Now no one will unceremoniously invade your personal space and will not require an immediate response to off-topic messages.

Black/White Lists

They will protect you from unwanted contacts and will not let you miss a single important call.

Recording and set up of voice greetings

A special greeting introduces the company and makes a good impression on customers. They immediately understand that they got through to the right place.

Voice mail

Every missed call is a lost sale for the business. Receive voice messages and new deals with clients and partners.

Phone recording

It will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of the work of managers with clients, resolve disputes and save data for analytics and business strengthening.
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