Virtual IP PBX

New possibilities for your business. Integrate business into single telephone network.

Cut Costs with Virtual PBX Hosting Solutions

Virtual IP PBX operates on VoIP technology, where voice is transmitted using Internet channels. You will get a turnkey solution and will be able to provide telephone connection in the office in 2 hours without buying expensive hardware and software. We connect individuals and legal entities.

Work from home like in the office

Cloud telephony makes it possible to transfer your business to remote work, keep numbers when the office moves to a new location and expand the geography of activities. Your employees can work from different cities and countries, and communication between them will be free.
Not a single call will go unanswered – a virtual PBX prevents accidental loss of calls. Customer loyalty will increase and your benefit will increase.

Available virtual PBX functions

Recording of telephone conversations
Tracking the workload of employees
Receiving calls according to the required schedule
Notifications of missed calls
Scheduled answering machine
Background music by choice
Automatic fax reception
Putting calls on hold
This and more you will get with IP PBX by KataTelecom!

Flexible tariff plans

Choose a tariff according to your business tasks or leave a request to our manager. We will offer optimal terms without unnecessary functions and save the company's budget.
Basic functions of PBX
$19 per month
All PBX functions
Basic software setup
$29 per month
All PBX functions
Configuration and administration for the entire rental period
$79 per month
Do you have any questions?
Great, we have the answers to the most popular ones!​​
How long has the company been on the market? How experienced are its specialists?
The company has been operating since 2011. Our leading developers have more than 15 years of experience in successful project implementation. Together they launched 3 successful projects in VoIP technologies field. The specialists regularly take part in trainings to improve the quality of service.
Where is the guarantee that the number will be assigned to me?
If you want to connect a permanent virtual number for outgoing calls, our company will ensure the safety of your number by setting forth the contract. We are accountable to every client: whether it's an individual or a large corporation.
How will the company keep my data safe?

We're constantly working on improving the security system and data protection of our customers.

  • When setting up outgoing routes we disable unnecessary or high cost ones.
  • We protect against spam calls. This is especially important for numbers with chargeable incoming minutes such as Toll Free.
  • Establishing VPN connection between the client's local network and the PBX.
  • Any requests for changes in the settings are accepted only by e-mail with authorization in the personal profile, thereby protecting customers from unauthorized interference.
What am I to do if my number doesn't work or there are problems with receiving calls and SMS?
If you bought a cheap virtual number for calls and faced any technical problems, immediately inform our technical support – any problems with communication will be registered quickly and we'll help to solve them.

Sometimes the problem can occur with call redirection. It is not difficult to set it in personal profile, you just need to follow the instructions carefully.

Technical support will help you in any case and answer any questions. We will inform you about all the difficulties in advance, not after the activation of service.
Why do you have such low prices for connection and maintenance?
We regularly recruit new local providers – that's why we have the biggest choice and the most flexible prices. Our customers are small companies, small businesses, micro businesses, and individuals who operate on small budgets and therefore are looking for relatively cheap virtual numbers with additional functions.
What payment methods do you accept?
For the convenience of our customers we activated the most popular payment systems: credit cards, cashless payments, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money.
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Universal solution for 1000 problems

Tasks you will complete by ordering IP PBX hosting service:
Providing quality support to your customers
Consolidation of several lines in different cities and countries into a single network
Multichannel communication and flexible call routing scheme
Creation of a call center without any additional expenses in a short time
Personal manager assignment to client
Connection of an alternative line in case of network problems
Increase in conversion to applications and fulfillment of the sales plan
Service quality control and customer focus improvement

Virtual IP PBX

Virtual PBX is an automatic telephone exchange that processes calls without special equipment. It is located on the operator's server and can be set up via myAlpari. You do not need to spend money on equipment and cabling to connect a virtual PBX.
Virtual IP PBX operates on VoIP technology, the essence of which is voice transmission via Internet channels. With its help, you can telephone your office quickly, easily and inexpensively.

At home as in the office

Virtual PBX for the office enables you to move your business to a remote location. Cloud telephony allows you to receive calls at work, at home, on the road or even on vacation. The customer will be able to reach you at any time. Therefore, no call will be missed.
With Virtual PBX telephony you will be able to expand your business and open branch offices in other cities while keeping a single phone number for your customers. Communication between employees is free.
Both legal entities and private individuals can connect to our virtual cloud PBX. We provide connection of city and regional numbers as well as toll free numbers and beautiful numbers. We offer different rates of virtual PBX for affordable prices.

When is VPBX suitable for you?

We recommend you to connect your virtual PBX if you
  • Doing business in social networking;
  • You need a local number for incoming calls;
  • have a sales team;
  • have a staff working remotely;
  • have a helpdesk;
  • have an affiliate network.
Without virtual PBX hosting, it is very difficult to run almost any business. Especially if it is growing and expanding. No matter what you offer - services or products, without the services of a virtual IP PBX will not be able to adjust the quality of management and the company as a whole.

Areas of application of virtual PBX

Services virtual PBX most in demand in areas such as:
  • Start-ups. Telephony virtual PBX does not require large investments. However, it provides many opportunities. Connection is quick, the number is always free.
  • Remote workers. A virtual PBX connects the numbers of all your remote employees, allowing for free communication within the company. All it takes is the push of a button to reach a colleague.
  • Network of branches. A virtual PBX for business connects all offices and local branch numbers. This allows you to easily connect to branch offices in different cities.
  • Large companies. PBX Virtual PBX provides high-quality and reliable connection, IP PBX services are connected via SIP trunking.
The most in-demand area, for which it is recommended to buy a virtual PBX, is the sphere of online commerce. This service is also in demand among organizations providing hairdressing, beauty care, repair and electrical work, photo services and so on.
Often the service of IP connection of virtual telephone exchange is used by housing services and industrial enterprises.

How to receive calls

Virtual private branch exchange operates through Internet. There's no need to install any additional equipment or run wires to connect and operate it. You may connect the hosted virtual PBX and receive calls on any device:
  • Mobile phone. Set up call forwarding to your mobile number and be in touch 24/7.
  • PC app. Download application and make calls from any device.
  • SIP-phone. You can use your SIP-phone.
You can receive calls and make calls from a smartphone, a regular phone with a voip gateway, a landline IP phone, as well as a tablet, laptop or PC using a headset.

Virtual PBX features available

By setting up a basic PBX rate you will receive the following features
  • recording of telephone conversations;
  • automatic fax reception;
  • employee workload monitoring;
  • receiving calls on schedule;
  • convenient call forwarding;
  • notification of missed calls;
  • scheduled voicemail;
  • call history;
  • choice of music;
  • placing calls on hold.
To find out more about the features and price of the virtual PBX, please contact our managers by phone or online.

The benefits of cloud communication

The main advantage of cloud PBX is that it does not require any additional hardware to connect and operate like a hardware PBX. Hardware PBX is expensive, complicated to set up and requires an in-house system administrator.
Virtual PBX can be set up via My Account, or with the help of Katatelekom's specialists in remote mode. Connecting the connection takes about a day (depending on the region).
Other advantages of cloud communication
  • high level of communication quality;
  • free calls within corporate telephony
  • easy call management;
  • more than 100 basic features in the basic tariff;
  • user-friendly features;
  • ability to analyse call and sales data;
  • flexibility and mobility;
  • Online customization;
  • ability to receive an unlimited number of calls simultaneously;
  • group call management;
  • automatic redirection to an external number.
Virtual PBX connection is inexpensive and available to everyone.

Why we

Company KataTelecom offers you to connect virtual PBX quickly, easily and inexpensively. We provide competitive rates on IP telephony without hidden fees.

We can help you to attract new customers

Virtual PBX allows you to effectively distribute incoming calls to the sales department so that the customer won't have to wait. If your company has contact numbers that start with 800, all calls made to those numbers will be free, customers won't have to worry about charges during the call.
All indicators on work with calls are displayed in one window.

Organize work with existing clients

Your virtual PBX allows you to handle multiple calls at the same time, minimizing loss of potential and existing customers. Operational management of call flows ensures productivity and an increase in sales from day one of cloud telephony connectivity.

Solve sales and support department tasks in CRM

Virtual PBX allows you to optimize sales and customer service to the maximum. Call handling is integrated into any corporate network.

Added value

The Virtual PBX connection also provides a number of additional features:
  • call monitoring;
  • assessment of the quality of telephone service;
  • Creating a unified network of fixed and mobile phones;
  • establishment of virtual meeting rooms;
  • integration with business applications and API;
  • callback;
  • virtual call centre;
  • autoinformer;
  • summary analytics by number and direction of calls;
  • staff performance analysis;
  • external SIP-number.
These are not all the features of a virtual PBX. By connecting a cloud telephony service, you can ensure stable communication with customers and between employees, control communication with customers, increase conversion into sales, and much more.
We offer various scenarios for handling incoming calls depending on your company's business objectives. Want to know more? Leave your request online and we will contact you soon.
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