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A New Way to Connect: Send SMS Messages online

Online SMS service allows you to send the necessary information to the recipient with minimum time, effort and money. It is used in many cases: to notify a great number of people about a certain event, to send an SMS to a person in other countries or if it is inconvenient to type a text on the telephone (for example, a complicated password consisting of large and small letters, digits and special symbols, e-mail address, the site address, etc.).

Not all mobile operators offer the opportunity to send free SMS within the country (some need to connect a special package for a day or month). You have to pay for sending messages to phone numbers of your competitors separately, and an SMS to another country will cost a lot of money. Sending an SMS over the Internet is 5-10 times cheaper, and you can send it from your computer online, just copying the desired message and pasting it into the appropriate window. This makes the procedure easier and faster.

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Advantageous rates for our customers.

Get a virtual number for SMS reception at the lowest price and save up to 80% of your company's budget. Choose the best option, specify the current tasks and get a favorable commercial offer from our company.
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Reasonable cost savings for our clients combined with high quality communication is our professional credo!

Our advantages

KataTelecom company provides services on allocation of virtual IP-numbers, as well as on sending SMS online to practically all countries in the world.
Wide choice of SIP-telephony services, physical multichannel and virtual numbers
 Current prices for messaging. Direct connections to gateways of mobile operators
Qualified employees with 5-year work experience, 24/7 online support service

TOP 5 popular questions​

We tried to answer the most popular questions!​
Can I use my number for registration in various Internet services?
For this purpose we have temporary virtual numbers. In this case you pay not for the number but for the incoming SMS from the service you require. You do not need to register your number for a whole month, you just pay for one incoming SMS.
How to set up call forwarding?
In your personal panel, after activating your number, you can set up SMS forwarding to e-mail, messenger or your own API handler. Also you can read all messages in your personal profile in the Statistics section.
My number does not receive SMS. What do I do?

Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen. Here are some simple steps to deal with the problem:

  • Make sure the SMS was sent from an existing mobile number. SMS delivery via SMS gateways is not guaranteed.
  • Some country numbers only accept SMS within the country. You can find detailed information in the table below.
  • If the number after all checks still does not receive SMS, then contact our support service and we will promptly resolve this issue.
How soon after the payment can I use a number?
The period of connecting a number depends on the chosen country, terms of connection (whether you need documents for registration of the number). Usually we activate your mobile number within 30 minutes after you make your order. But due to the aforementioned conditions, it may take up to 5 days.
Why are there such low prices for connection and service?
We regularly recruit new local providers – due to this we have the largest choice and flexible prices. Our customers are small companies, small businesses, micro businesses, and individuals who operate on small budgets and are looking for relatively cheap virtual numbers with additional services..
What payment methods do you accept?
For the convenience of our customers we have connected the most popular payment systems: credit cards, cashless payments, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money.
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Sending SMS messages over the internet

Online SMS is a versatile method of communication and an effective marketing tool. Online texting provides a direct appeal to a large audience with guaranteed SMS delivery over the internet. It is not important which operator the subscriber is using, whether he has a mobile connection or not, and where he is at the moment.

Online texting

Online SMS is a very useful service from KathaTelecom that allows you to send messages to subscribers quickly and at low costs. Not all mobile network operators offer the possibility to send SMS for free within the country, let alone to communicate with foreign subscribers.
In a number of tariff plans it is necessary to activate a special SMS package for a limited period of time. And texting abroad costs a considerable amount of money. It is much cheaper, quicker and simpler to send an SMS through the Internet.
All you need is a few minutes of free time, a telephone or a computer and access to the internet. All you have to do is copy or type the required message, paste it into the relevant window and select the subscriber it will be sent to. And SMS will be delivered to the contact within a few minutes.

Advantages of sending SMS online via the Internet

Service of sending SMS via Internet without number has a number of advantages:
  • Subscribers will spend an average of 4 minutes to read the message. This makes SMS an efficient solution, ideal for real time communication.
  • Sending SMS online is much cheaper than using other paid marketing tools.
  • Our messaging service works stably, without any glitches. We use state-of-the-art online messaging modules with all customer needs in mind.
  • The process of typing and sending SMS is simple and available to anyone with at least basic computer skills.
You can get more detailed information about the service and get additional consultation by contacting our company employees in any convenient way for you.

Who can use the service SMS via the Internet

Online texting via the Internet is an additional means of communication that can be used by any individual or legal entity. The highest demand for this service is in companies of different profiles.
But also texting without a number can be useful for self-employed people, self-employed and ordinary individuals who often have to communicate with people. For example, the service would be highly relevant for a student group supervisor, a coach, an emergency response operator and so on.

Why to send SMS online

Online SMS services are far superior to other advertising channels. It is a simple, affordable and effective management tool used by companies of all sizes.
Sending SMS online is:
  • Easy management of campaigns from our SMS gateway. You can send text and voice messages all over the world using our online software, accessible via an internet connection. Sending and receiving messages can be customised to your needs.
  • Performance Guarantee. We use only the latest technology and integrate efficient solutions, so you can be sure that all recipients will receive the SMS they send.
  • Advantageous terms. By choosing the Internet SMS-sending service from KataTelecom you receive free registration and a wide range of services at reasonable prices.
This service is used in many situations. It can be used to notify a large number of people about an upcoming event, send an SMS to people in other countries, or send a complex text that is awkward to type on the phone.
You can send a text message online from the website to any mobile network operator.

How SMS can be used to grow your business

SMS is not only a quick and easy way to keep subscribers connected, but also an effective marketing tool. It is the most preferred method of communication for people of all ages and statuses.
SMS texting allows customers to choose how they want to interact with your business, which automatically increases the level of marketing.
Online SMS can be used to notify potential customers or partners of product arrivals, company changes and other important information.
Online business texting is suitable for such purposes:
  1. Reminders. Some clients forget about their appointments and miss important meetings. And the company loses revenue for this reason. But this can be avoided by sending reminders to clients online the day before the meeting.
  2. Alerts. By sending SMS via the Internet you can regularly inform your clients about certain actions. For example, you can send an account balance to customers every week. Such notifications will be expected and needed.
  3. Confirmations. Such SMS messages are often very important for clients. After all, thanks to them it is possible to know that the order has been accepted, executed or delivered.
  4. Notifications. By sending online SMS it is possible to provide customers with real-time updates. For example, you can notify customers about a sale or the arrival of a new collection. The recipient will see the notification and is more likely to visit the shop.
Sending an SMS online creates a sense of urgency, thereby motivating the potential customer to take decisive action.
Online SMS turns one-way outbound marketing into a two-way dialogue, generating customer loyalty.

Our advantages

KataTelecom provides virtual IP numbers as well as online SMS services to almost every country in the world.
Here you can find:
  • Vast selection of SIP-telephony services, physical multichannel and virtual numbers;
  • affordable prices for texting without number with direct connections to mobile operators' gateways;
  • staff of friendly, qualified employees with more than 15 years of experience in communication
  • 24/7 online technical support.
When you send an SMS via the internet, you can be sure that it will reach its recipients quickly and be read in a timely manner.
Research shows that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 seconds of receipt. Whereas emails can remain unread for months.

For users' information

By choosing Katatelecom, you are guaranteed to receive high quality phone, SMS and Fax services. Our company works only with proven, top-rated wholesale service providers and uses modern, high-quality equipment.
We find suitable solutions for your every need quickly and at low cost. Leave your application online and we will find a personalised offer for you in the shortest possible time.

5 reasons to order a service from us

High quality of services, SMS and Fax services;
Finding suitable solutions for the client's goals;
Many years of experience with virtual in telecommunications;
We use quality equipment. No virtual machines, only dedicated servers;
Verified service providers. We work only with the best wholesale partners.
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