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IP-telephony connection is the best solution for modern office. Cheap communication in all over the world!
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Benefits of connecting IP-telephony

We offer connection of IP-telephony at home or office on favorable terms. You'll get cheap and high-quality communication up to 80% cheaper than landline. IP-telephony works over Internet channels, without specialized equipment. We connect and configure it in just 1 day!
Benefits of IP-telephony
IP-telephony connection provides your employees with qualitative and stable connection. You will be able to make long distance and international calls at minimal cost and organize free internal communications between departments and branches.
A wide pool of virtual numbers in different formats and regions is available to you: 8800, mobile, city, international. You are free to choose from numbers in Moscow, New York, London and other cities around the world, no matter where your office is located.
Instructions and rates for Internet telephony

Call rates

KataTelecom will provide all users with high-quality communications anywhere in the world. Due to the low cost of outgoing calls, you can significantly save on communication services both for international calls and within the country.

Choice of equipment

To use the communication service, you can select programs for mobile devices or a computer, IP phones, software PBXs and other equipment that performs the function of a communication terminal. We gave examples of settings for various programs - X-Lite, 3CX, Zoiper and others.​

Additional 8 benefits for you

IP-telephony and virtual PBX connection offer great opportunities for business with minimal communication costs. All you need for communication is Internet access, smartphone, PC or SIP-phone. Here are the tasks that you will be able to solve:
Reduce communication costs by up to 70%
Increase the efficiency of the managers' work processing incoming calls
Receive over 100 calls per number at a time
Keep your numbers in case you relocate
Set up a voice menu and greeting to unload the operators
Unite all phone lines into a single multichannel network
Monitor your sales team with detailed call statistics
Increase your company profit by securing customer loyalty

Maximum opportunities with KataTelecom rates

KataTelecom maintains competitive prices in the market and high-quality communication. Describe your business needs and we will find the best conditions for you. Once you've learned about our basic rates, leave a request for IP-telephony connection and get a personalized quote by e-mail.
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Reasonable cost savings for our clients combined with high quality communication is our professional credo!

Answering 5 popular questions

Is there any difference in the quality of connection between IP-telephony and traditional communication?
IP-telephony depends on quality of Internet connection, while public switched telephone network (PSTN) depends on its wire lines or cellular towers. Now, in general, there are no longer any problems with Internet coverage, even mobile Internet is perfectly capable of transmitting voice. For this IP-telephony from KataTelecom can be safely used for business processes and personal application.
We are a call center and we have more than 100 thousand calls a month. Do you have special conditions?
Yes, the service is available for individuals and legal entities.
How do I set up my device on your telephony?

You can connect any device or program that works on SIP protocol. In our personal office you get the necessary data: login, password (not to be confused with the data to enter the office) and address. You just enter these data in the selected device/application.

Also you can contact our specialists for expert help in settings

How are outgoing calls charged?
Charging of calls is per second.
Pay attention that some countries have their own rates for calls inside the country (call with local AON) and rates outside the country (with foreign ANI). The prices may be significantly higher. So if you want to save on outgoing calls to a country with split rates, we recommend you buy a virtual phone number of this country.
Why are there such low prices for connection and service?
We regularly recruit new local providers – due to this we have the largest choice and flexible prices. Our customers are small companies, small businesses, micro businesses, and individuals who operate on small budgets and are looking for relatively cheap virtual numbers with additional services.
What payment methods do you accept?
For the convenience of our customers we have connected the most popular payment systems: credit cards, cashless payments, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money.
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Connecting IP telephony is an ideal solution for any business. Send employees to work remotely and continue to solve current tasks with maximum productivity!​
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