KataTelecom is a team of people dedicated to their business.

We are always looking for flexible solutions to any request. We stay in touch with our clients 24/7
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    "Welcome to KataTelecom, we are glad to have you as part of our community. We like to solve problems of IP-telephony, look for the best solutions for you and help with the choice, if you need quality communication, your needs will be taken care of."
    Dmitry Sokolov
    senior corporate client manager
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    "If you need help in setting up an application or forwarding, you do not need to figure out the details yourself, we have it figured out for you, just contact us via chat or e-mail"
    Svetlana Arkhipova
    support manager
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    "Thank you for choosing us. Feedback is important for us, contact us if you have difficulties using our service or if you were dissatisfied with the quality of communication. We want to grow and change for the better, so we will be glad if you help us"
    Alexey Saveliev

About us

KataTelecom is an IP-telephony service. We help you stay in touch anywhere in the world where there is Internet, save on calls, expand the geography of offices, unite company branches into a single telephony network. Our team connects multi-channel virtual numbers, and you are free to choose from 100 countries. You will be allocated trunk and SIP-lines to work with incoming and outgoing traffic. With us you can get a cloud PBX service, combine numbers of different offices into a single telephony network. You don't need any software knowledge or additional physical equipment, we can help you with setting up applications for calls, setting up call forwarding, assist you if you have any difficulties or questions. Our team is one of the best in the virtual telephony sector, as our customers note. KataTelecom has 10 years of experience in the market of virtual communication solutions, a huge number of customers worldwide and thousands of calls per day.


Our Mission

The mission of KataTelecom is to erase the boundaries of distance and unite people.

Our Goal

Our goal is supplying convenient IP-telephony for business purposes and individuals. We strive to use the possibilities of virtual telephony, so that our customers get connection with clear sound, stable operation and without unnecessary costs for equipment.

Our Values

We are a team who love their job.
The best support, prompt assistance in solving problems.
Being honest to the customer, we tell right away about the possibilities of the services and their limitations.
Development and innovation, we strive to improve our equipment quality and look for new suppliers.

Our history

From KataTelecom to Teliphone Systems.

Company foundation

March 2011
A passionate man founded KataTelecom. His goal was to build a business that would solve the problems of communication. At that time IP-telephony was just gaining strength.

The first years of work

April 2013
Two years later it was already a company with more than 5,000 regular customers and 20,000 minutes of outgoing traffic per day.


September 2014
KataTelecom rents servers in European data centers, the team's focus is on system stability, search for new specialists.

International market

February 2016
Teliphone Systems OU is formed, which includes KataTelecom brand, the company becomes international and expands the geography of its customers.

Present days

September 2021
At the moment, KataTelecom cloud telephony service has an arsenal of 100 countries for connecting numbers, a wide range of services and a team led by the same passionate person.
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