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IP-telephony will suit you if you:

A private entrepreneur

Stay in touch with your clients, save on calls, use your number in another country at local rates

Small and medium sized businesses

Optimize your sales department with SIP-technology, take advantage of virtual PBX


Make cheaper calls in another country, receive SMS to the mail, use your number for Internet resources.*
Our service is there to solve your telephony problems

IP telephony features


Multichannel numbers

flexible infrastructure

Best quality

Low Latency

24x7 Online


What can we offer?

At katatelecom.com you have a wide range of IP-telephony services available. Here you can see some of them:

Incoming calls

Your customers can reach you 24/7 through multi-channel numbers. IP-telephony manages high volumes of incoming calls without interfering with the line.

Outgoing calls

Your employees can communicate via internal communication or call your clients and partners all over the world at advantageous rates.

Receiving and sending SMS

Permanent virtual numbers make it easy to handle the flow of messages. SMS are forwarded to messengers, your service or e-mail.

Toll Free Numbers

Make your customers reach you free of charge with our toll free numbers from any part of the country. Connect a wide pool of numbers to more than 30 countries around the world.

Receiving FAX

Handle faxes without a fax machine, receiving and sending documents automatically over the Internet.

Hosted PBX

We provide a single internal telephone network to connect all your branches into a single system with the ability to automate call handling.​
99% uptime

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How does it work?

How cloud telephony works
How to connect a number
How to set up a number
IP telephony to the office
Connection between subscribers is done via our servers, and you do not need to have Internet access. The cloud communication can operate both autonomously and have access to mobile and landline networks of any countries. You can both make and receive calls according to your own rules set up in your personal profile.
Learn more
Take the following few steps:
  1. Register on our website
  2. Log in to your personal panel and select the direction you are interested in and the type of number.
  3. Top up your account with the required amount.
  4. Place an order.
  5. As soon as you get the number, set the forwarding in your personal panel.
At any stage you can contact our support service.
Write to us and we'll help you choose the necessary rate and tell you the terms of the service connection.
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Why do 90% of clients choose us?

KataTelecom's team focuses on high-quality connection and continuous expansion of the system's functionality. This allows our customers to solve high-priority business tasks and scale their activities
Best technical support
Our experts are on call 24/7. Multiple levels of support will quickly resolve any problem.
Individual discounts
Personalized pricing for customers ordering more than three numbers or paying for a one-year contract.
Best technical support
We conclude an official contract and change the settings only after agreement with a client.
Advantageous rates
We keep low prices and high quality by searching for new local providers.
Try out cloud telephony today!
Leave an application on katatelecom.com and wait for a call from a specialist within 30 minutes
Leave an application!

Do you have any questions?

Great, we have the best answers for that!
Is it possible to have interferences during the call?
Geographically distributed system and implementation of modern codecs significantly reduce the risk of voice packages loss during the call. Local routing in dozens of countries also eliminates low-quality intermediaries.
How long can I use my number?
Your number is fixed for the period you have paid for. If you do not want to renew your number for the next month, you can remove «auto-renew» checkbox in your personal profile.
I forgot to pay for my mobile number on time, what can I do?
If the number is not paid on time it will be deactivated, but will remain in your personal profile, the line with the number being red. If you contact our support service within 2-7 days and top up your balance, we can restore your number and it will work again. If it's been over a month since your number was disconnected, it may not be possible to restore it, but it depends on the country and provider, so contact support and we'll try to help.
Can I call from a virtual number?
Of course, with our service you can make as well as receive calls. After connecting the number, you will receive data SIP-line, necessary to create an account in the SIP-application.
I've lost my SIM-card, can I restore it with a virtual number?
Unfortunately, no. Although a virtual number may sound like something that does not exist in physical form, but it is a sequence of numbers associated with a real SIM-card of a particular operator. For example, as if you go to the company's office in Sweden and buy a card for your phone and it cannot be related to your lost SIM-card, and cannot duplicate your number.
Do you have discounts?
If you order 5 numbers or more at a time, you get a 10% discount. We also provide more favorable conditions for outgoing calls if you have a large amount of minutes used. We are trying to keep the price of our services originally low, we take into account many factors and work directly with local suppliers in those countries where it is possible.  
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Thank you for trusting us!

Thank you feedback from customers is a good motivation for further development of KataTelecom. We appreciate you and try to live up to every word.
With cloud telephony from KataTelecom, you can automate and expand your business by keeping a single phone number for your customers. Make and receive calls in any country at prices well below local mobile operators. We work with businesses and individuals. We connect local and regional numbers as well as multi-channel and short numbers for intercom. We offer advantageous rates virtual PBX. We conclude contracts for any term.

Cloud IP telephony is right for you if you:

  • A private entrepreneur. Always be in touch with your customers and make calls worldwide at low prices.
  • An individual. Call abroad at local rates, receive SMS on virtual numbers and use telephony for internet resources.
  • Legal entity. Connect virtual PBX telephony and enjoy all its benefits, increase sales and customer loyalty.
    The most common use of online telephony is in remote workspaces. Thanks to cloud telephony the quality of communication will be excellent, regardless of the location of your employees. It is enough to have a stable Internet channel with high bandwidth.

Virtual telephony and digital communications for business

IP telephony from KathaTelecom - the best solution for any business.
Internet-telephony services will be useful in all spheres where communication with clients takes place:
  • E-commerce. Cloud IP-telephony ensures automation of order processing, allows creating remote workplaces and opening virtual offices.
  • Medicine. With a virtual reception desk, you can make an appointment 24 hours a day, and there are no queues at the hospital. You will be able to call your patients back promptly.
  • Delivery. Optimize the performance of your couriers, control their workload and the speed of your orders.
  • Real estate. Control real estate agent's communications, view call history at any time of day or night.
  • Call centres. By using multi-channel numbers you will not miss a single client call, control the work of operators and automate jobs.
  • Tourism. Stay in touch with tourists day and night, set up call forwarding and call back on voice messages.
  • Finance. IP-telephony online ensures high reliability and fault tolerance, improves service level and allows to estimate telephone conversations with customers.
Internet telephony service is equally demanded in education, insurance, transport, HOA, taxi and so on.

What tasks can be solved by means of virtual PBX telephony

The functionality of IP telephony, virtual PBX is quite extensive. It includes:
  • Convenient multi-level voice menu;
  • serial forwarding;
  • automatic reception of faxes;
  • Viewing of statistics and record of calls;
  • employee workload monitoring;
  • receiving calls on a schedule;
  • convenient call forwarding;
  • notification of missed calls;
  • scheduled answering machine;
  • call history;
  • voice greeting;
  • placing calls on hold.
Your personal office gives you access to many useful telephony features and services at affordable prices.
We offer over 200 new connections and 100 countries daily.

What we offer

Connect IP-telephony online and you will be able to call long distance and international numbers at minimum cost, organize effective round-the-clock internal communication between departments and branches. With us you will find a wide range of virtual telephony services including:
  • Incoming calls. You'll always be in touch and won't miss any important calls. Our multi-channel numbers allow you to receive multiple incoming calls at the same time while maintaining call quality at a high level.
  • Outgoing calls. Your employees can talk to each other and call your clients and partners all over the world at convenient rates.
  • Receive and send SMS. You will be able to send and receive SMS, which will be forwarded to your messenger or e-mail.
  • Toll-Free Numbers. With toll free numbers your clients can call your office for free.
  • Fax reception. Receive faxes without having to install expensive equipment and send documents over the internet on time.
  • Hosted PBX. An internal telephone network will connect all your branch offices into one cloud telephony system, giving you the ability to automate call handling.

How IP telephony works online

Virtual PBX is an automatic telephone exchange that processes calls without special equipment. It is located on the operator's server and configured independently on the service provider's website.
You don't need to buy expensive equipment or pull cables to connect it. All you have to do is write us, connect your virtual number and enter the necessary settings.

How cloud communication works

To work through ip telephony you don't need cellular communication. It is enough to have internet. You do not need to be connected to it, because the connection between subscribers is made through our servers.
Cloud communication can operate independently or via mobile, fixed networks of any country. You can make and receive incoming calls according to the individual settings in your personal cabinet.

How to connect number

Activating virtual number is a matter of a few steps:
  1. Register on Katatelecom website. Enter personal cabinet.
  2. Choose appropriate service and number type.
  3. Refill your account in any way convenient for you.
  4. Confirm your order.
When you receive your number, set up a call forwarding function on your mobile or via email.
If you have any problems or questions at any stage of buying or using cloud telephony please contact our support team.

How to set up your number

After you purchase a number you will need to configure it. The first step is to set up a forwarding number or SIP where your incoming calls will go. Then you can customize your number, including answering machine, voice greeting and other IP telephony features.
Use the instructions to configure the hardware or soft phones.

IP telephony in the office

Virtual telephony in office allows you to connect all branches of the company into one telephone network, arrange free communication between employees, set up multi-level voice menu and voice greeting, and much more.
By connecting a cloud PBX, you will not only simplify your work with customers but also reduce communication costs.

More features with IP telephony

Virtual PBX provides a number of features:
  • choice of telephone number of any format and country;
  • analytics advertising campaign;
  • program for calls;
  • control of disconnected employees;
  • autoperezvon;
  • SPAM Filters;
  • black/white lists and so on.
To learn more about all the services and features of ip telephony, you can visit our website. Leave your request for a virtual number and we'll find you a personalized offer.

Ready-made solutions for business

With Katatelephone virtual telephony services you can solve all current tasks of your company:
  • Automate your sales department. Handle employee communications in CRM conveniently and quickly at any time of the day or night.
  • Remote Office. Increase the efficiency of your remote employees and save on office rental, equipment purchases.
  • Website magnet. Buy toll free number for free calls and smart widgets which will attract new clients and increase loyalty of the existing client base.
  • Cold calling. Call all over the world at affordable prices and control the work of your operators.
  • Call Centre. Automate operators' work and use convenient monitoring tools.
  • Your number. Keep a number you know, if you grow your business, or move to another city, or country. Optimize advertising costs. Monitor the effectiveness of your channels, allocate your budget and save money.
  • Control of travelling employees. Record and analyse calls via the mobile network.
  • New features on your old equipment. Connect virtual telephony, and keep your legacy infrastructure.

Why 90% of customers choose cloud telephony from Catatelecom

Cloud telephony from KataTelecom means excellent quality, extensive, regularly updated functionality, and a wide range of tariffs. With us you can solve urgent business problems, scale your company's activities, and save on communication costs.
The best technical support
Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions, day and night. Multi-level technical support will reply promptly and solve any problem.
Customized discounts
For regular and wholesale customers we provide a system of discounts and promotions. Enter into an agreement with us for 12 months or more, and get favourable conditions of cooperation.
Safety Guarantee
We conclude the official contract when you buy a number. Any changes of settings are made only by a client's agreement.
Advantageous tariff plans
With many local providers, we keep our rates low while offering high quality.

Benefits of Smart Cloud Telephony

Virtual IP telephony means a high level of call quality, flexibility, mobility, convenient functionality and easy call management. Connect your virtual number and you get more than 100 basic features, easy customization and the ability to receive an unlimited number of simultaneous calls.

Low cost calls over the internet

Multichannel phone number will help you to organize convenient and advantageous telephony for your office, will provide a lot of functions and possibilities, and also will allow you to save money on communication. With IP-telephony you will be able to make cheap calls all over the world and communicate inside your corporate network for free.
Katatelecom services reduce operators' workload, reduce customer's waiting time on the line and allow to control all calls.

Integration of online telephony with CRM, streamlining business processes

Virtual telephony allows you to record all calls and assess the quality of service. The customer can know at any time the status of his delivery automatically, without the intervention of an operator.
In this way, you can automate your business, showing the customer an individual approach at a technological level.

Still have questions?

We have answered the most common questions from our customers.

Do you experience interference during calls?

We only work with trusted providers and use modern codecs, so the risk of losing voice packets during calls is minimal.

How long can I use virtual number?

How long you can use your virtual number depends on the tariff you choose. Enable "auto-renew" feature in your personal cabinet and use cloud telephony services for a long time.

I have not paid for a number on time, what to do?

If you forgot to make payment on time, your number will be disconnected, but kept in personal cabinet. To re-connect, write to technical support, top-up your balance and we will restore your number.
If it has been disconnected for over 30 days, your number cannot be reactivated. Although some countries and providers do offer this facility.

Can I call using my virtual number?

Yes, you can use our numbers not only to receive incoming calls, but to make calls worldwide. Once your number is connected, you will be given your SIP line details which you can use to create an account in the application to make calls.

I have lost my SIM card, can I recover it with a virtual number?

No, this option is not available. The virtual number is linked to the actual SIM card of the specific operator, which has no relation to your lost SIM.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we offer a loyal discount system to our customers. If you order 5 numbers at once we will give you a 10% discount. We also offer special conditions for outgoing calls if you have a great number of minutes. You can find out more details about all discounts and promotions from our managers online.
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