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IP-telephony will suit you if you:

A private entrepreneur

Stay in touch with your clients, save on calls, use your number in another country at local rates

Small and medium sized businesses

Optimize your sales department with SIP-technology, take advantage of virtual PBX


Make cheaper calls in another country, receive SMS to the mail, use your number for Internet resources.*
Our service is there to solve your telephony problems

IP telephony features


Multichannel numbers

flexible infrastructure

Best quality

Low Latency

24x7 Online


What can we offer?

At katatelecom.com you have a wide range of IP-telephony services available. Here you can see some of them:

Incoming calls

Your customers can reach you 24/7 through multi-channel numbers. IP-telephony manages high volumes of incoming calls without interfering with the line.

Outgoing calls

Your employees can communicate via internal communication or call your clients and partners all over the world at advantageous rates.

Receiving and sending SMS

Permanent virtual numbers make it easy to handle the flow of messages. SMS are forwarded to messengers, your service or e-mail.

Toll Free Numbers

Make your customers reach you free of charge with our toll free numbers from any part of the country. Connect a wide pool of numbers to more than 30 countries around the world.

Receiving FAX

Handle faxes without a fax machine, receiving and sending documents automatically over the Internet.

Hosted PBX

We provide a single internal telephone network to connect all your branches into a single system with the ability to automate call handling.​
99% uptime

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How does it work?

How cloud telephony works
How to connect a number
How to set up a number
IP telephony to the office
Connection between subscribers is done via our servers, and you do not need to have Internet access. The cloud communication can operate both autonomously and have access to mobile and landline networks of any countries. You can both make and receive calls according to your own rules set up in your personal profile.
Learn more
Take the following few steps:
  1. Register on our website
  2. Log in to your personal panel and select the direction you are interested in and the type of number.
  3. Top up your account with the required amount.
  4. Place an order.
  5. As soon as you get the number, set the forwarding in your personal panel.
At any stage you can contact our support service.
Write to us and we'll help you choose the necessary rate and tell you the terms of the service connection.
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Why do 90% of clients choose us?

KataTelecom's team focuses on high-quality connection and continuous expansion of the system's functionality. This allows our customers to solve high-priority business tasks and scale their activities
Best technical support
Our experts are on call 24/7. Multiple levels of support will quickly resolve any problem.
Individual discounts
Personalized pricing for customers ordering more than three numbers or paying for a one-year contract.
Best technical support
We conclude an official contract and change the settings only after agreement with a client.
Advantageous rates
We keep low prices and high quality by searching for new local providers.
Try out cloud telephony today!
Leave an application on katatelecom.com and wait for a call from a specialist within 30 minutes
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Do you have any questions?

Great, we have the best answers for that!
Is it possible to have interferences during the call?
Geographically distributed system and implementation of modern codecs significantly reduce the risk of voice packages loss during the call. Local routing in dozens of countries also eliminates low-quality intermediaries.
How long can I use my number?
Your number is fixed for the period you have paid for. If you do not want to renew your number for the next month, you can remove «auto-renew» checkbox in your personal profile.
I forgot to pay for my mobile number on time, what can I do?
If the number is not paid on time it will be deactivated, but will remain in your personal profile, the line with the number being red. If you contact our support service within 2-7 days and top up your balance, we can restore your number and it will work again. If it's been over a month since your number was disconnected, it may not be possible to restore it, but it depends on the country and provider, so contact support and we'll try to help.
Can I call from a virtual number?
Of course, with our service you can make as well as receive calls. After connecting the number, you will receive data SIP-line, necessary to create an account in the SIP-application.
I've lost my SIM-card, can I restore it with a virtual number?
Unfortunately, no. Although a virtual number may sound like something that does not exist in physical form, but it is a sequence of numbers associated with a real SIM-card of a particular operator. For example, as if you go to the company's office in Sweden and buy a card for your phone and it cannot be related to your lost SIM-card, and cannot duplicate your number.
Do you have discounts?
If you order 5 numbers or more at a time, you get a 10% discount. We also provide more favorable conditions for outgoing calls if you have a large amount of minutes used. We are trying to keep the price of our services originally low, we take into account many factors and work directly with local suppliers in those countries where it is possible.  
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Thank you for trusting us!

Thank you feedback from customers is a good motivation for further development of KataTelecom. We appreciate you and try to live up to every word.

What is cloud telephony?

A constant process of development and technological advancements keep any company alert. One such revolution has been the advent of the “cloud” in the communication industry now known as cloud calling. Cloud telephone is a part of unified communications as a service package that operates a cloud computing model. Before cloud telephony became available, every company had to have a separate IT staff to manage the multitude of cables and equipment needed to guarantee seamless cloud communication both within and outside the company.

By moving to the cloud, a company can get rid of expensive setups, internal IT support, and system maintenance. Today, companies such as KataTelecom take care of everything from setting up the technology to maintaining the performance of their clients' telephone systems. Companies using cloud computing can connect to a phone server using only an interface.

How does cloud telephony work?

The process of cloud telephony operates similarly to the traditional telephony system. Cloud telephony works by using an internet connection to allow individuals to make and receive calls from their desktop or mobile devices. The key distinction between the two lies in their foundation, which is rooted in the customer/business itself. Afterwards, it is situated within the service provider's facilities and made available through the cloud network.
Cloud telephony uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to establish phone calls by linking your voice to the Internet. When a consumer places a call, it is initially directed to a Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) located in the cloud. The transmission of data is accomplished through a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) line, which is connected to the telephone server using a PRI card. The PRI line is a telecommunication standard utilized on an ISDN to facilitate the delivery of voice, video, data, and other network services between the user and the network.
This hosted PBX (which is offered by a cloud telephony service provider like KataTelecom) holds the essential phone numbers and information to select a routing structure for every call. All your workplace phone extension is linked to the hosted PBX, thus every phone call arriving at the cloud PBX selects its most suited agent after reading through all the defined priorities in the system.
Traditional PBX systems may even prohibit specific calls — provided the service provider or consumer expressly specifies it in the rules. Once the server picks the best-suited agent for the request, it quickly connects the client and the agent via the VoIP desk phone.
Call transfer between the agents is comparably a quicker operation since all the agents are linked to the same umbrella of hosted VoIP phone.

Is cloud telephony right for my business?

Cloud telephony is an effective and adaptable communication service that almost every organization may benefit from cloud telephony due to its many benefits. Businesses of all sizes may take advantage of cloud technology to increase adaptability and capabilities when they work with reputable cloud telephony providers like KataTelecom. Cloud telephony eliminates the need for conventional on-premises phone systems, with their associated physical gear, wiring, and continuous maintenance. This will help them effectively achieve their specific demands and goals.

Our cloud telephony products

At KataTelecom, we offer IP telephony services tailored to enhance communication efficiency for business needs of all sizes. Our services include:
  • Incoming calls.
  • Outgoing calls.
  • SMS Receiving and Sending
  • Toll-Free Numbers.
  • Fax reception.
  • Hosted PBX.
These services are designed to meet the complex needs of modern businesses by leveraging the power of IP telephony to provide reliable, scalable, and cost-effective communications solutions.

The main advantages of the cloud telephony service

There are many benefits of cloud telephony offered by KataTelecom that can significantly enhance the flexibility and operational efficiency of businesses. Here are the key benefits of cloud telephony:

1. Simplicity

Setting up and using cloud phone systems is simple. Complicated hardware installations on site are not necessary, since these systems may be controlled online via intuitive interfaces.

2. Cost-effective

Initially less expensive than with conventional phone networks since no large physical infrastructure is required. Another advantage is that the service provider handles updates and maintenance, which helps to reduce costs even further.

3. Mobility and flexibility

With an Internet connection, users can access the phone system from anywhere in the world. For companies with remote employees or those who travel a lot, this is an ideal option.

4. Advanced calling features

Advanced features like as call forwarding, voicemail to email, conferencing, and automatic call distribution provided by cloud-based telephony solutions can help improve the efficiency of any business communication capabilities.

5. Increased productivity

Employee productivity increases with cloud telephony features that are adjustable to suit the demands of each user and simplified communication procedures. Including CRM and other business technologies in an integration may boost productivity even further.

6. Reliability and safety

Cloud service providers guarantee safe data processing and business continuity. Consisting of redundancy and calamity recovery functionalities, the cloud telephony system ensures that business discussions can continue indefinitely.

Cloud telephony vs. VoIP

These services are designed to meet the complex needs of modern businesses by leveraging the power of IP telephony to provide reliable, scalable, and cost-effective communications solutions.
The main difference is in telephony infrastructure and administration: cloud telephony is always hosted outside the enterprise, which reduces the load on the infrastructure. Voice over internet protocol can be either self-hosted or cloud-based, which requires different levels of equipment and administrative costs.

How to get a business phone system like cloud telephony?

Setting up cloud telephony is best left to a specialist who is conversant with the subtleties of digital communication technology. An outstanding option for this is KataTelecom. An outstanding option for this is KataTelecom.
We guarantee competent handling of installation from beginning to end and provide a broad selection of cloud telephony solutions to suit a range of company requirements. Our knowledge will help you to swiftly put in place a dependable, expandable, and feature-rich phone system that will enhance your corporate communications and effectively support your operations.

How to choose a cloud telephony provider

It is not simple to choose cloud telephony service that fits your activities. Call plans, talk time, scalability, support, and other issues might be top of your list. To be sure you choose the best cloud telephony service for your company's requirements, take these important considerations into account.

Quality of service and SLA

Look for providers with high uptime guarantees (typically 99.9% or better), ensure call quality is consistently high, and verify the provider offers responsive 24/7 customer support.

Technology requirements, features and integrations

Verify whether the system can expand to accommodate more phone system features and increase call volumes. Verify also if voicemail, call forwarding, interactive voice response (IVR), and connectivity with CRMs are already available. Important are also security and industry-standard adherence.

What do we offer

At KataTelecom, we provide a full range of telecom services designed to satisfy the many requirements of flexible firms with remote workers, small to medium-sized enterprises, and startups. Our products guarantee an economy of cost, promote global communication, and improve customer experience. Presented below is what we provide:
  • Incoming Calls. Get phone and mobile numbers in more than 120 countries to provide your company access to a worldwide network.
  • Outgoing Calls. Take use of direct lines to regional operators to guarantee high-quality calls at affordable prices.
  • Sending SMS. Include SMS receiving into your offerings to enable smooth user contact. Instant messaging is made simple and easy from your own profile, improving your outreach and relationship-building tactics.
  • Toll-Free Numbers. Enhancing accessibility and customer relations, provide a free means of contact for clients.
  • Receiving FAX. Managing fax communications without the need for extra equipment can simplify your business procedures.
  • Hosted PBX. Make advantage of cutting-edge cloud phone services fit for picky customers who need dependable and scalable communication systems.
  • One-Time Number for SMS. Keep your personal info safe and private by using temporary SMS numbers.
Through increased connection, lower communication expenses, and assistance with your market growth, KataTelecom seeks to strengthen your company while making sure that people can maintain contact with friends and family, particularly when traveling.

How to set up a number

Creating a virtual number with KataTelecom via our cloud system is intended to be simple and easy, doing away with the intricacy and physical constraints of conventional phone systems. Getting this operational is covered in great depth in this step-by-step guide:
  • Enter Your Number and Verify. Beginning on the KataTelecom platform, input the cellphone number you want to utilize for your virtual phone system. To make sure this is operational and under your control, you will next need to verify it, which usually entails getting and inputting a verification code delivered by SMS or phone.
  • Send Your Phone Data to Cloud Telephony. Forwarding your digits to the cloud telephone service comes next once it has been validated. By call routing to your virtual number via KataTelecom's cloud-based system, this move will enable you to use cloud telephony to their benefit, including voicemail and call forwarding, without the need for actual phone lines.
  • Set You Up. These actions have made your numerals smarter! You may use all the features of cloud telephony with your virtual number right now. From your current mobile device, easily and flexibly make and receive calls, receive messages, and take use of improved communication features.
Our hassle-free setup procedure enables you to transform your mobile device into a complete communication instrument that supports the dynamics of contemporary company operations very fast.

Advantages of IP telephony to the office

Intranet telephony is revolutionizing corporate communication with its myriad advantages. It utilizes internet protocols to deliver voice calls, enhancing the flexibility and scalability of office phone systems. This technology enables companies to efficiently operate and expand their communication networks, in contrast to traditional phone systems that require expensive equipment.
Seamless integration with other corporate systems and apps is a breeze with VoIP telephony. By leveraging email, real-time collaboration, and CRM systems, telephony seamlessly integrates communication. Efficient integration enhances procedures and boosts team responsiveness, resulting in improved productivity.
Internet Protocol telephony is a highly efficient and easily deployable solution. Offices can now operate without the burden of costly maintenance or hardware. IP calls, especially international ones, are more cost-effective, and the web-based system facilitates remote work. Mobile and remote workers can communicate just as effectively as in-office workers.
Due to its high adaptability, businesses can easily incorporate this type of telephony into their operations, allowing them to customize call forwarding, voicemail to email, and video conferencing to suit their evolving requirements. Given the reliance on a stable Internet connection, IP telephony offers a range of features.
It can greatly enhance operational efficiency, reduce expenses, and enhance workplace communication for contemporary enterprises.
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