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A virtual number to receive SMS allows you to receive messages 24/7 with forwarding to e-mail, personal smartphone or other gadget at prices up to 80% lower than mobile operators provide. You can access a range with prefixes from any of over 100 countries. To activate your number, all you need is Internet access, a cell phone, or a computer. Here's what you are to do:

  • Create an account in your personal profile at
  • Choose USA, UK or any international virtual number for receiving SMS
  • Order an appealing combination of code digits, if necessary
  • Specify communication channels in the settings menu (e-mail, script handler)
  • Pay for the service online by cashless payment
  • Receive a confirmation of number activation to your e-mail.

What problems you will be able to solve

By renting virtual numbers for receiving SMS in USA, UK and other countries you can manage the flow of incoming SMS, filter them and redistribute to the right people. Specifically:
Collect incoming messages in email or any messenger
Avoid risk of losing valuable information
Receive messages when your smartphone is turned off or out of range
Get access to SMS in any country of the world


We have developed a very flexible rate system that allows you to save and rationally spend money on communication. Our price of virtual phone number is always competitive, and we offer special terms for our regular clients.

If you have used services of other operators or you wish to consider our offer – we are ready to send you a commercial offer taking into consideration your current expenses.
Get a commercial offer
Reasonable savings for our customers combined with high quality communication is our professional credo!

Benefits of working with KataTelecom

Our team is always working on service quality improvement
3 minutes
Support response rate
30 000+
Satisfied customers
23 providers
Local service providers
200 000+
Minutes of calls per day

Flexible approach

We handle each situation separately and offer the best solution.

Data protection

Contents of SMS messages are securely protected from third parties – your business is absolutely safe.

Uninterrupted operation

Technical specialists monitor the quality of service 24/7.

User-friendly interface

You will be able to view and reply to messages in your personal profile.

Top 5 frequently asked questions

We tried to answer the most popular questions!
Can I use my number for registration in various Internet services?
We have temporary virtual numbers for this purpose. In this case you pay not for a number but for incoming SMS from the service you need. You don't need to rent a number for a whole month, you just pay for one incoming message.
How to set up SMS forwarding?
After number activation you can set up SMS forwarding to e-mail, messenger or your own API handler in your personal profile. You can also read all messages there in the Statistics section.
My number does not receive SMS. What do I do?

Unfortunately, sometimes it still happens. Here are some simple steps to deal with the problem:

  1. Make sure the SMS was sent from a real mobile number. SMS delivery via SMS gateways is not guaranteed.
  2. Some country numbers only accept SMS within the country. You can study detailed information in the table.
  3. If you've checked it all and the number still doesn't receive SMS, then contact our support service and we will promptly resolve this issue.
How soon after the payment can I use my number?
The period of number activation depends on the chosen country, terms of connection (whether you need documents for the number registration). Usually we connect numbers within 30 minutes after you've done your order. But due to the aforementioned conditions, it may take up to 5 days.
Why are there such low prices for connection and service?
We regularly recruit new local providers – due to this we have the largest choice and flexible prices. Our customers are small companies, small businesses, micro businesses, and individuals who operate on small budgets and are looking for relatively cheap virtual numbers with additional services.
What payment methods do you accept?
For the convenience of our customers we have connected the most popular payment systems: credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Qiwi, ЮMoney.
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