Virtual telephony services in United Kingdom

With the help of our service, you can connect a virtual phone number in United Kingdom. You can receive calls on your computer, IP-phone, office PBX or any other equipment that supports the SIP protocol. This service allows you to receive calls anywhere in the world to landline and mobile phones at low rates.

Tariffs for IP-telephony services in United Kingdom

Pay only for what you use. Cheap communication in United Kingdom from KataTelecom will help your business in solving everyday problems.

Inbound and Outbound calls
Receiving and sending SMS
Toll Free
Free calls for your clients
Outgoing calls

To United Kingdom fixed numbers from 


per minute

To United Kingdom mobile numbers from 


per minute
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Receiving calls (United Kingdom virtual number)

Prices are in United States dollars (USD), excluding tax.

RECEIVING SMS United Kingdom

Setup from


Monthly from


A full list of number options is available after registration.

Outgoing SMS

To United Kingdom mobile numbers from


per 1 sms
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Prices are in United States dollars (USD), excluding tax.

United Kingdom toll free number

Setup from


Monthly from


A full list of number options is available after registration.

Inbound calls
From United Kingdom fixed numbers from
per minute
From United Kingdom mobile numbers from
per minute
Prices are in United States dollars (USD), excluding tax.
Don't know what to choose or don't see the right number?

We offer different types of United Kingdom phone numbers (landline, mobile, national, Toll Free). Write to us to help you choose

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Frequently asked Questions

How to set up a virtual number and outgoing calls?
To receive calls, you will need to set up forwarding in your personal account (to SIP, mobile, Telegram). To set up outgoing calls, we have collected step-by-step instructions for setting up a SIP line in various applications and devices. A short procedure for setting up IP telephony is not difficult and will allow you to receive and make calls.
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Is VAT included in the quoted prices?
VAT is not included in the prices shown on the website. Since most of KataTelecom's customers are companies, they do not have to pay VAT and therefore we charge a fixed price as shown in the tariffs. VAT is still charged to individuals resident in the EU and can be applied to all fares. If you are doing business in the EU, please make sure you enter your VAT number to verify your business status and thus remove the addition of VAT to the price. If you are located outside the EU, we will not charge VAT, regardless of your business or status.
Do you offer discounts?
We love to please our customers. In addition to constant discounts (when paying for more than 3 months, with a large order), we are always ready to meet halfway and offer you better conditions at your request. Feel free to contact our support team for help.
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I want to connect also PBX

We have various services related to IP telephony in United Kingdom as well as to hundreds of other countries around the world. We offer cloud PBX services, landlines, mobiles, national numbers, 800 toll-free numbers, SMS and faxes. Write to us and we will help you with the choice.

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