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A virtual number with call forwarding is an opportunity to stay always in touch. This is essential for those who do not want to limit the business scope. Usually, employees are in the office and take calls on the software phone or IP-phone on the desk. But it's often necessary to find an employee who isn't at their workplace or their work is connected with trips. In this case it is convenient to forward incoming customer calls or calls from a short work number to an external number of employee.


Here are some examples of call forwarding implementation. Our company can offer forwarding on SIP, mobile and landline, as well as in Telegram.
From virtual number
From internal user extension
redirect example
You can organize the reception of calls from your customers in such a way that none of them is lost. For example, you set up an extension number first in the line. If an employee is away from the office or there is a failure in the Internet or electricity, the call will immediately go to a cell phone number of the employee. If the mobile number is unavailable as well, the voicemail will be activated. The recorded message will be sent to the responsible employee's email address.
email forwarding
Each employee is assigned an internal number that will be easy to remember (for example: 101, 102, etc.). To reach an employee, there is no need to memorize or write down all of their numbers. It will be enough to call their internal number and the system will find the employee automatically.
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How to Connect a Call Forwarding Number

There are no problems to connect a virtual number. It takes a few minutes to process application. No need to visit office. You can create different redirection scenarios. Such factors are taken into account:
an client number
a day of the week
time of the day
Call forwarding is possible for several employees. Calls are redirected successively or simultaneously. Call forwarding functions also include audio greeting, call recording, voice menu.
The service is used to increase trust to the company. It is possible to receive calls in any country.

Features of using the technology

  1. Retain existing numbers when moving to a new office or another city.
  2. Increase or decrease the number of channels depending on their relevance.
  3. Keep up-to-date prices for communication. It's cheaper and more comfortable to buy SIP-Trunk service than to use classic analog telephony.
  4. If necessary, you can connect international numbers, and the quality of communication via SIP will be better than through conventional telephone PBXs.

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