IP-Telephony for home

3 times reduces telephony costs
Office telephony in 1 day
Integration with analytics systems
Maximum control of the sales department
Connection in 100 countries

The essence of the service and its advantages

IP-telephony for home usage with a landline city number allows you to organize a full home office with a mini-PBX even if you do not have a telephone network. This service will be useful in the following cases:

Being a businessman or a freelancer requires being in touch 24 hours a day.
A user has to make frequent calls to landlines in other cities or countries.
For getting an individual home number, consult KataTelecom and find out what you need. To set up your own PBX, you'll need an Internet data channel, and a telephone set that supports VoIP technology or a SIP software phone. It is possible to connect IP-telephony for home usage with a fixed number to your smartphone: just install special application on it and add settings received from an operator.
SIP-telephony works on the scheme «server-client» and constantly alternates incoming answers and requests. Try now a modern communication.
Set up

Advanages of using IP-telephony

The special feature of this virtual technology is that:
You do not need to sign a contract with a telephone company, you only need the Internet. You don't have to get wired, install cables in your office or house, make a hole in the wall, etc.
You can make and receive calls over IP-telephony via smartphone, tablet, computer, other digital devices. There is no need to buy a PBX.
We offer the minimal cost of calls. This technology allows you to make low-cost calls to other cities and countries to landlines and mobiles.

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