IP-Telephony for mobile

3 times reduces telephony costs
Office telephony in 1 day
Integration with analytics systems
Maximum control of the sales department
Connection in 100 countries

Why it's needed

By choosing the rate properly, IP-telephony reduces communication expenses. This is essential for business efficiency. Communication equipment integrated with VoIP-gateways makes it possible to negotiate, send messages, create video-conferences, exchange data-intensive files, organize call-centers, and so on. Similarly, IP-telephony for mobile phones is easily used. The service extends users' possibilities, enables connection without reference to the workplace.
ip telephony for mobile

Working principle

For qualitative and uninterrupted work of IP-telephony service on mobile phones several conditions must be ensured. And due to multitasking and multifunctional capabilities of modern phones, it can be done easily and without unnecessary efforts. Required conditions are the following:
WI-FI network and mobile Internet are available almost anywhere.
You have an ordinary smartphone at hand
You download an application for IP-telephony on your phone
Quality communication at low prices provided by KataTelecom. Get it connected now at a discount!
Set up

The mobile IP-telephony platform is provided for you by KataTelecom. You can use any VoIP solutions for your iOs and Android phones. Our service also integrates with Telegram. We do not only organize a new type of communication, but also choose the most favorable rate depending on the business activity of your company.

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