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Nowadays people are surrounded by lots of information. One constantly needs to remember addresses, passwords, phone numbers. We are used to writing something down, and something is stored in our memory involuntarily.

Description of the service

Most people know their phone number by memory, whether it's home or mobile. Therefore, a nice phone number that will be easy to remember is one of the keys to the success of your business. After all, it is not necessary to write it down anywhere and then to search for these notes for a long time, it just pops up in your memory.
In addition, if your number is not only easy to memorize, but also unique, it is an additional tool to create the prestige of your company, and it will certainly stand out from the competitors, which is necessary for the successful development of any business.

Why should you buy a unique number at our company?

In order to make it easy for customers to remember your number, the digits should be in a special sequence. It is also important that nice combinations are not repeated. Many people tend to get confused, for example, «three-zero» or «three zeros». It is not enough to make it just catchy and at first glance memorable, it is a whole system. You can, of course, contact the PBX to order their golden number, but most likely, they are already busy and you have to choose from what's left.

One of the advantages of our organization is that you can order unique numbers, which apply to any part of the world. You can order them both in St. Petersburg and Chicago, no matter where your firm's office is located.


Keep the caller on the line. If all operators are busy, during this time the client can get information about bonuses, promotions, discounts of the company, or just listen to pleasant music.
Automatically gather feedback about a product, service or quality of service purchased.
Send a message or voice greeting to your phone on weekends, holidays, when the employees are not at their work places.
Connect with the needed department. People call the company to get answers to a variety of questions. Introducing a voice menu that is controlled by phone buttons allows you to direct the caller to the right operator (e.g., sales, human resources, customer service, etc.).
Automatically provide information. If a caller needs to connect an additional service (or cancel it), transmit meter readings, there is no need to be connected to an operator. It's enough to set up the voice menu correctly. It is to help to save employees' time, allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks.

Golden numbers all over the world

Regardless of your location, you can purchase an attractive number and raise your company's prestige. A few advantages among many others are following:


You can change your physical address and your phone will always stay with you.


Additionally, you get a multi-channel phone number which allows you to set up forwarding of phone calls to other devices.


At our company you can order phone numbers that your customers can easily remember.


Calls can be forwarded to mobile, landline, any SIP-programs and equipment.
An gold phone and a combination of numbers - it is not only a prestige but also a rational solution that can bring more customers to your company.

The main reasons to order the service at our company

It is essential for companies which are going to expand their business in future, enter the international market and work with clients in different cities. We sell numbers in more than 70 countries of the world.

Activation of a golden number in our company is done in the shortest terms. We have a flexible pricing policy, as well as low prices for room service (which allows you to save significantly).


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