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KataTelecom has been operating in the telecommunication market since 2010. During this time, we’ve grown professionally and acquired the reputation of being a reliable connection service provider. We now offer high-quality telecommunication services based on innovative internet-based technology. At our company, you can buy a direct virtual number with a code of any country worldwide, as well as a wide range of telecommunication services. We offer:

  • local numbers;
  • mobile phone numbers for text messaging;
  • Toll Free 800 numbers;
  • fax numbers;
  • inexpensive long distance and international calls.

You can buy a direct phone number with a code of any city or region available in our list. The virtual phone works based on the incoming call forwarding principle via IP networks. At the same time, you determine which physical phone numbers your calls will be forwarded to. A virtual city number user can receive calls in any location worldwide. This allows you to conduct business negotiations, attract new clients, save on calls and office rent in other regions and opens up many other opportunities.

Why is IP telephony better than conventional phone connection?

IP telephony is based on VoIP technology (voice over Internet protocol), which has allowed Direct Virtual Number service to became available. The IP telephony operating principle is based on the fact that thanks to specialized technology, a voice signal is modified into a compressed data packet and gets forwarded via IP networks to a recipient, where it gets decrypted back from a packet to a voice signal.

Advantages of IP telephony compared to a landline and mobile phone connection:

  • low cost of long distance and international calls;
  • independence from telecommunication service providers;
  • possibility of increasing the number of lines;
  • scalable settings: adding new service providers, changing call routing “on the go” ;
  • additional features: voice menu, conversation recording, call forwarding.

Virtual phone number for business enables you to:

  • get a direct city number in a region, country, or city where you are not physically located;
  • keep a direct city phone number when your company changes its physical place of business ensure;
  • a high level of phone conversation security;
  • connect multichannel phone numbers;
  • minimize communication costs;
  • solve the problem of missed calls;
  • impress your clients and partners by making them think that your company is located in their city or country.