Toll Free Number

Toll Free service offers an 800 phone number that is intended for toll free calls from your clients.

A virtual toll-free phone number allows you to unite all of your company’s offices and increase your business efficiency.

Buy a toll free number

It is a convenient, easy to remember sequence of numbers. Isn’t this the kind of phone number that any company wants? However, in the modern world of information technologies simply having a beautiful phone number doesn’t make it an efficient tool for business communications. Once your company changes a place of business or opens an office in another country, you have to launch a new promotional campaign to introduce your new phone number to your clients. Is it possible to avoid repeated expenses for the renewal of communication channels? This is exactly why in many countries they use toll-free phone numbers. It is an essential element of successful marketing: you pay once, but your investment keeps working. Purchasing a toll-free number will allow your company to always stay in touch with your clients, make contacting you easier for your clients within the country of your choice and substantially boost your company’s reputation. All incoming calls, no matter whether they were made using a landline phone or a mobile phone, will be paid for by the owner company. In other words, 8-800 is a toll free phone number.

Advantages of the Toll Free Number service

Here are only a few of the advantages available to companies who decide to purchase a 800 number:

- all business negotiations by company’s employees on business trips do not require any outgoing call expenses;

- a single phone number for all company offices, even if they are located in different areas of the country or abroad;

- the possibility of using an easy to remember phone number, that is, a 8-800 number, for advertising campaigns, other public events and in the mass media;

- a “hotline number” service that allows the organization of call centers to process large volumes of incoming calls;

That is exactly how your phone number turns into an efficient instrument for enhancing your business opportunities. Installing a 800 number is very expedient for customer support services, help centers and service centers, information processing centers, ordering services, call centers and for internal communications between company offices. The 8-800 number will be useful not only for corporate clients who can easily afford to buy it. Individuals and non-profits are also among the potential users of this service. For example, if your child will have a lengthy stay abroad, you can buy a toll free number and be assured that they will always be able to make a free call home. Non-profit organizations will also benefit from using a hotline phone number for important social services and campaigns. You don’t know where you can buy an 8-800 phone number? Our company offers high-quality services and sells toll-free phone numbers based on innovative information technologies. All commercial offers include post-sale services and guarantee high-quality support.

How do you install an 800 number?

If you want to buy a phone number, such as an 800 line, contact us. Just register or go to your personal cabinet and choose a sequence of numbers that you like and then confirm your order. You will be able to use your new 8-800 phone number just in a few hours after its activation.

In addition to the 8-800 phone number, you can also order:

  • a voice greeting;
  • a complex voice menu (IVR);
  • a musical tune instead of ringing tones;
  • voicemail;
  • incoming call forwarding within the office (complex call forwarding);
  • schedule-based phone operation (depending on hours, weekdays, months etc.)

To activate your 8-800 phone number, you only need to top-up your phone balance. You can do this using any convenient payment method including: bank transfers, instant transfer systems, electronic payment systems (Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Ukash) and others. Our clients that have already purchased 800 phone numbers and have learned from experience how many advantages this service offers. This service is appealing to both individuals and corporate clients. It allows you to save a great deal of money.

So if you need an 800 phone number, you can buy it here!