Virtual number for SMS

To be able to keep up with the demands of life, it is now necessary to be in touch at all times. This is why telecommunication technologies constantly develop and introduce new improvements that offer a rapidly increasing number of innovative solutions.

IP telephony has become one of these solutions because it offers virtual phone numbers to receive text messages. This is a new and very promising type of service with many advantages. It continues to be in great demand in many countries. The technology’s operating principle is very simple. You obtain a pre-ordered IP phone number and receive all incoming text messages to your e-mail or a specific processing script written in any programming language.

Buying a text messaging number

Possibilities and advantages of the service:

• The new service will allow you to not just receive text messages to your virtual phone number. It will also allow you to forward them to other numbers. This eliminates restrictions related to the use of specific operational mobile or regular landline phone numbers.

• Even if a text message cannot be delivered to your mobile phone number (because the device isn’t charged, it is outside the home service area or it is switched off), it won’t get lost. You will be able to view it, whenever you check your email or personal cabinet on the website.

• One of the most important considerations is the risk of losing valuable information because of an unforeseen mobile device or SIM card failure, the loss of your phone loss or blocking. In this case, text messages won’t be delivered to your phone. However, they will be delivered to your virtual text messaging number and saved in the protected system.

• It sometimes happens that an overloaded mobile device memory card doesn’t allow you to receive and save important messages. However, an IP phone number for text messaging can solve this problem.

How can you receive text messages to a virtual phone number?

To always be in touch, to not risk losing valuable information and to cut mobile communication costs, you can use the new service of receiving and forwarding incoming text messages based on the IP technology.

After you choose and order a virtual mobile phone number for text messaging (receiving and/or sending messages), you can introduce preferred changes in the algorithm by specifying communication channels in the settings menu. All incoming text messages will be automatically forwarded to the email address registered in the system, as well as to your server. At the same time, text messages will be delivered to your virtual phone number, regardless of whether your mobile device is available and functional and whether or not there is space on your memory card. You can view your text messages at any time, just by going to your email inbox.

You can use your virtual phone number for text messaging worldwide, as long as you have an Internet connection. This is extremely convenient and cost-efficient, because the cost of IP text messaging communication service is much lower than that of any mobile service providers, especially when it comes to roaming.

The text messaging operation scheme is simple and easy to understand. You only have to go to your personal cabinet where, aside from viewing delivered text messages, you can create, edit and choose settings for bulk messaging ( such as during advertising campaigns and for other purposes).

How do you choose and buy a virtual phone number for text messaging?

Ordering and choosing preferred settings for your virtual text messaging number is very simple. There are just a few easy steps:

register on the service website by filling out a few fields in the form;

• go to your personal cabinet and fund your account balance (choose any payment method that you find convenient out of a list of available payment methods);

• choose a number (by ordering an attractive sequence of code digits);

• choose preferred settings to forward incoming messages;

• wait for a confirmation email saying that your virtual number for text messaging is active and ready to use.

Buying a virtual phone number for text messaging is a wise and practical decision that will assure you of excellent communication quality and reliability. It will give you an unlimited opportunity to exchange information and save on text messaging. This service will be especially appealing to companies that often send their employees on business trips to distant regions and abroad.