Multichannel phone number

Dear customers! We offer you a brand new service of multichannel phone number connection, setup and service.

A multi-channel phone number is a type of communication that allows the user to receive several calls at a time in online mode.

All calls incoming to a multi-channel phone number are forwarded to different phone numbers. As a rule, these calls are forwarded automatically to the next available phone number in your list. Just open your control panel right after the purchase and make a list of phone numbers for call forwarding.

Why do you need a multi-channel phone number?

A multi-channel phone number allows processing calls via multiple streams. As a result, the phone line is always available, and your clients are able to contact your tech support at any time. Thanks to the “permanently available” phone number, your company gains additional competitive advantages, which will bring substantial profits in the future. You can also unite all of your phone lines, for example, in Moscow and Novosibirsk, under a single phone number, which can receive a virtually unlimited number of incoming calls.

After connecting the service, you can receive up to 50 incoming calls simultaneously.

How can you buy a multi-channel phone number?

You don’t have to go to the company office, waste your time in long queues and fill in many useless papers. You can get the service online by submitting an order within 5 minutes. In as soon as a few hours you will have your own, ready to use phone number.

The service price is 1 to 30 USD per month. The price depends on the country of your choice and the number of channels. The number of simultaneous incoming calls depends on the number of lines connected.

What are the advantages of using multi-channel phone numbers?

  • Thanks to multi-channel telephony, your customers will never hear a busy tone and your company’s operators will not miss any important clients.
  • Fine adjustment of additional channels allows you to increase the number of simultaneous incoming calls.
  • You can easily unite all of your contact phone numbers under a single short and easy to remember phone number.
  • A simple and user-friendly personal cabinet allows you to flexibly choose the settings for call forwarding, such as based on a specific time of day of the week.
  • This type of communication is not linked to any specific locality. This means that whenever you decide to move to another place, your phone number will remain the same.
  • Call recording and detailed CDR will allow you to evaluate your call center operation efficiency.
  • There are low rates for connections and subsequent monthly payments.
  • High-quality phone connection.

Our experienced specialists are always ready to provide high-quality connection, setup and servicing for your multi-channel phone numbers.