Virtual phone numbers

Internet-based technologies have become an increasingly important part of our lives. The worldwide web has created incredible opportunities for reliable, convenient, fast and cost-efficient high-quality communication. All you have to do is set up a virtual phone number.

This technology is innovative. However, it has already proven to be effective, progressive and promising. The technology is based on the idea of forwarding incoming calls to landline and mobile phones, as well as to Skype and/or SIP accounts.

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In practice, calling an IP phone number is no different than calling a number on a regular line. The virtual phone number that you buy does not differ from an actual one, but it has a number of advantages:

Mobility. A virtual phone number isn’t tied to any physical location or place of the equipment. It remains the same, no matter where you move to. You don’t have to change it. All that you need is to ensure your device, where all incoming calls will be forwarded, is available. It can be your personal mobile phone, your Skype account or a specific IP gateway programmed based on a certain algorithm.

Cost efficiency. Using an IP phone number offers many opportunities for saving when making or receiving long distance and international calls. It doesn’t require a significant investment to buy a virtual phone number, nor will it strain your budget to pay for service support. The estimated call savings are up to 50% and more.

Confidentiality. Many people consider nondisclosure of their contacts to especially important for keeping their peace of mind. IP phone numbers will not be listed in a phone number database and, accordingly, in any telephone directories.

Wide scope choice and stable communications support. You can choose any area code for your virtual phone number: any country or any town. You can personally choose any sequence of digits. You can also adjust Ip gateway algorithms, in accordance with your needs and preferences (make a list of landline and mobile phone numbers for call and messages forwarding and distribution, enter instant messenger accounts etc.)

Multitasking (MLT). One IP phone number can receive several calls at a time, which will be then distributed by the existing gateway to the available devices listed in the algorithm.

Promptness. The virtual phone numbers that you order become available for use, only a couple of hours after your request has been submitted and paid for.

You can also buy a virtual phone number specifically for an advertising campaign, a promo, for organization of a specific project or a large event or just as your permanent contact phone number.

Buy a virtual phone number

Although IP telephony technology may seem very complex, it actually makes your life much easier. Buying and using a personal phone number is now much easier. It’s no problem at all to buy a virtual phone number quickly and inexpensively, as long as you have an internet connection.

All you need to do is register on our website, choose a preferred sequence of digits, a country and a place and make a payment according to the price list to confirm the transaction. In only a few hours, you will have a fully functional virtual phone number that uses your chosen settings.