Fax messaging via IP telephony

Does your secretary have trouble receiving regular fax messages in time and delivering them to all of the intended recipients in your office?

Do your partners and clients complain about issues that occur when sending fax messages to your company? IP telephony will eliminate your connection issues. This technology provides a basis for the Fax-to-Email service, which is capable of solving all problems with receiving fax messages. All you have to do to activate it, is to buy a virtual number we offer in order to be able to receive your fax messages. IP telephony will ensure that this phone number can receive an unlimited number of fax messages. The price of this service is very affordable.

Fax messaging via Internet operating principle

All fax messages incoming to a virtual number are forwarded to an email address specified by the user. The Virtual Fax Messaging Service works based on IP telephony technology. To read a fax message you won’t have to print it out on paper; you will only have to open a digital document and view it. This will save you the money you usually spend on buying expensive fax consumables. Fax messaging via IP telephony is essential for the efficient operation of the modern office. Using IP telephony, you don’t just receive fax messages easily, but you can also send them easily.

To send a fax message using this method, you will have to upload a document you intend to send in digital form and enter your recipient’s address. Buying a virtual number from our company to receive fax messages is advantageous, because we offer affordable prices and high-quality service.