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How can you get in touch with a business partner, who is currently in another part of the world? How can you ensure inexpensive and unlimited communication with your friends and family living abroad? IP telephony is the best solution for all communication issues, for both corporate clients and individuals. This type of connection works using IP (Internet Protocol) networks, which makes it a high-quality, safe and affordable solution. The basic IP telephony principle is that during a call, the voice signal is modified into a compressed data packet and then gets transferred through the network to the recipient, where it again gets decrypted into a voice signal.

IP telephony is a modern and inexpensive means of communication. The IP telephony operating cost is 40-80% lower than using regular landline phones. The Internet allows you to make calls to landline and mobile phone numbers all around the world. At the same time, call costs are much lower than calls made from regular phones. To use the phone connection that IP telephony offers, you’ll need an Internet connection and a computer, smartphone or special equipment. IP telephony prices are low, which is the main advantages of this technology.

KataTelecom offers communications services using SIP protocol, which is the most innovative type of connection. Taking into account the low prices for calls and other features, IP telephony is the most advantageous technical means of communication.

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