Virtual Moscow phone number

Moscow is a huge metropolis that offers unlimited opportunities and sets the pace of life for the country. Running a business in Moscow is advantageous, beneficial, and prestigious. However, equipping an office in this metropolis with a high-quality city phone connection is a very challenging and expensive task.

A Moscow city number with a code starting with 495 or 499 is very prestigious for any business. How can you get one, especially if your office is not located in Moscow?

НThe solution you seek is IP telephony which is the type of telecommunication that is enabled by Internet technologies. There is no higher demand for Internet connections than in Moscow.

The technology of IP connection through a web gateway provides you with a direct and, more importantly, permanent phone number with a Moscow code. This can be done within a few hours. It doesn’t matter where you are located. It is possible for you to be inside or outside the city or even abroad. An active direct Moscow phone number is a great opportunity to raise your company’s status and corporate reputation to a whole new level. It will help to improve your business efficiency and to help it grow. It will also attract promising partners and clients in the Moscow area.

Meanwhile, your main office may be located in any place worldwide. Your virtual phone number will technically operate the same as a conventional landline phone number. It will receive and redirect incoming calls to any device that you specify (including landline phone, mobile phone, Skype, SIP and others).

How do you order a Moscow phone number?

Unlike with traditional technology, a Moscow city number serviceable using the IP is convenient, fast and simple. You don’t need to waste time standing in lines, filling out forms, signing agreements, purchasing expensive technical equipment and waiting for a long time.

All you need to do is go to our website and complete the quick registration in the system. You can access your personal cabinet, where you can choose the preferred settings before purchasing a Moscow phone number.

, where you can choose the preferred settings before purchasing a Moscow phone number. You can choose the Moscow phone numbers by selecting easy to remember number sequences. You can also create a web gateway operation algorithm to receive, distribute and redirect calls, texts and fax messages.

The next step is to review the service price list, top up your balance using any convenient payment method, pay for the order and wait for the confirmation email, which you will receive within a few hours. The email will notify you that your phone number has been connected and activated.

You can now take advantage of the benefits of having a Moscow phone number including:

• the improvement of your company reputation and level of trust;

• a reduction of your phone connection costs, including Moscow clients, who can use direct dialing;

• the intensification of work processes and increased time saving due to the fast connection installation;

• the opportunity to buy a direct Moscow phone number with only an Internet connection. No special additional cross-connect equipment is required;

• the possibility to choose an attractive Moscow phone number and to secure it permanently, wherever your office is located and wherever you move to;

• the ability to always stay in touch, since the IP Moscow phone numbers, ordered, paid for and properly setup, mean efficient management of incoming and outgoing lines, incoming calls, and the distribution of calls between available devices (landline phones, mobile phones, SIP devices, messengers and voice communication software, such as Skype and Gtalk).

How much does it cost to purchase a direct Moscow phone number?

Connection via IP communications is substantially cheaper than mobile or landline phone connections, which may be very expensive, especially when there is a frequent need to make and receive long-distance and international calls.

Attention! Right now, we have an active promotional campaign for the installation of a Moscow multi-line phone connection. The prices are at their lowest:

Phone number type+7-495+7-499
Connection(USD) 0 0
Line rental(USD) 25 12

Multi-line direct Moscow phone numbers with 495 and 499 codes will be connected free of charge. Monthly line rental costs about 25 and 12 USD respectively.

You can also purchase a city phone number in a metropolis like Moscow with additional useful options, which may substantially increase the efficiency of Moscow phone number use:

• create a voice greeting;

• build and activate the IVR voice menu;

• replace boring tones with nice music;

• activate a voice mail feature;

• set up incoming call distribution to the office devices, as well as work schedule (for day/night, week days, months, years etc.).

This makes it worthwhile to purchase a Moscow phone number, which is a convenient, cost-efficient and effective means of communication.