Possibilities of IP telephony

Possibilities of IP telephonyPossibilities of IP telephony

How can IP telephony possibilities make the modern company operation more efficient? This new type of communication, first of all, allows inexpensive calls to international/distance phone lines. IP telephony offers new solutions for business and personal use:

  • Connecting a DID number. A virtual number will enable you to redirect calls to any landline/mobile phone number, as well as VOIP and Skype, based on the algorithm chosen by a client. At the user’s request, the direct number can have a code of any city or country worldwide. You can use your direct number at any place with Internet access, regardless of your physical location.
  • 8-800 number. Having this kind of phone number offers many advantages for companies that constantly interact with a large number of clients and partners over the phone. An 800 number give everyone an opportunity to call you using their mobile of landline phones free of charge. Using this kind of virtual number guarantees that you will enhance your client base.
  • Virtual fax. IP telephony allows you to accept fax messages via a network in the form of a letter sent to your specified e-mail address. It allows you to view these messages online and to print out only the papers that you really need. Virtual fax will relieve you of the need to service bulky fax machines and to buy expensive supplies.