IP telephony for home and business

The importance of a quality failure-free and cost-efficient connection cannot be underestimated. Undoubtedly, this is due to the extensive development of Internet technology, including IP telephony systems, which offer a wide variety of opportunities for making and accepting calls, messages, faxes, call redirection, routing etc.

Today, IP telephony services are popular both with corporate clients and home owners. After all, a cheap telephone connection is easy to install at any place with access to the web. In addition, this type of connection is characterized by such features as:
• affordability;
• convenience;
• efficiency;
• versatility;
• multifunctional.

While conventional telephone networks with traditional type line switching can transmit only voice signals, IP telephony offers solutions for integrated data transmission over the Internet and special virtual gateways controlled by purposely-designed software and not by physically cumbersome and expensive equipment, which is difficult to set up and use.

Calls via IP telephony offer access to a new improved level of connection, which unites the traditional telephone connection and the massive opportunities of IT.

IP telephony: operation

The most striking difference between IP communication technology and traditional switching lies in the provision of a virtual and not a physical number, of an Internet gateway distributing data-flows according to a configured operation algorithm and not a limited number of physical lines.

IP telephony over the Internet in Moscow is a fast, convenient and inexpensive opportunity to purchase a permanent direct city phone number unattached to any specific physical address or equipment. Users, both callers and recipients, may be located at any place and still remain connected.

Using the virtual phone number is no different from using a traditional one. The only difference is that the process involves not channel switching, but data packet switching via voice gateways. Thanks to this, a person calling the IP telephony number takes the conversation into online space via a protected channel without even noticing. The user’s IP device converts signal packets formed earlier into voice.

At the same time, virtual telephony organization and servicing costs less than using traditional landlines or mobile connections, especially when it comes to domestic long-distance calls and international calls.

Thanks to the fact that our company uses SIP protocol, we provide the best IP telephony services in Russia. SIP users have direct access to a virtual phone number with any country or city code, regardless of the user’s actual location.

Data incoming to an Internet gateway in the form of voice packets or data packets is efficiently distributed and redirected to devices attached to the number. Other than that, traditional landlines and IP telephony are similar in use, except that the virtual number can be not just multi-channel, but completely “unfamiliar” with the concept of busy lines.

Virtual IP telephony: how to purchase it in USA?

Many companies, large and small alike, want to purchase IP telephony in Moscow, not only for running and enhancing their business activity. Thanks to its effectiveness and cost efficiency, this communication technology is becoming increasingly popular among individuals as a city phone number with additional inexpensive services. Moreover, all you need is an Internet connection.

To order the service, you need to register with the system by filling out a few fields in the form provided on the website. After this, future users go to their personal cabinet, choose any combination of numbers they find appealing for their phone number and location (country or city, as desired), select appropriate redirection settings and perform balance top-up by any method which is convenient.

Virtual IP telephony is actually pre-configured; you can purchase the service by paying for your order. Within a few hours you will receive a confirmation of the commencement of your virtual number servicing via e-mail.

IP telephony for households and corporations implemented via Internet connection allows the redirecting of calls from a virtual number to mobile and landline numbers, using Skype and Gtalk, and editing, sending and receiving text messages and fax messages via email. This provides a wide variety of new opportunities for connection, business, success and comfort.