IP telephony to the office

Do your customers complain of constantly getting a busy signal when they are calling your company? The solution is simple: get IP telephony for your office. The best means of communication for your company might be the PBX with VoIP support. Cloud PBX makes communication in the office easier, more accessible and effective. Obtaining a virtual phone number is all you need to get the cloud PBX started. Virtual PBX doesn’t require any expensive equipment or hardware.

Why choose IP telephony for your office

IP telephony for small and medium-size businesses is cost-effective and inexpensive. In comparison with the traditional switching mini-PBX, IP telephony for small businesses has a lot of advantages:

  • low-cost set up and operation;
  • no expensive hardware is required;
  • not attached to a physical location of your office;
  • highly reliable;
  • remote centralized service;
  • video calling;
  • IP telephony is fast and easy to setup;
  • access from anywhere in the world;
  • no wires required for you phones;
  • call-center feature;
  • fax setup available.

IP-PBX is a program-device system or a computer with special software that performs all required functions of call processing.Implementation of IP-PBX provides for a unified multiservice network which is based on a local network.Communication within the network is free, even if company employees are located in different cities.When choosing a configuration of a virtual PBX, you must consider the number of phone lines and functional requirements for telephony.

With new technology in telecommunication based on IP telephony, the effectiveness and productivity of your employees will increase, which will positively affect the growth of your business. IP telephony for your office is efficient and convenient, and it is trending. Our company offers high quality and fast setup of IP-PBX for your office. The main advantage of cooperation with “KataTelecom” is its low prices and high quality of services.