Direct numbers

Direct numbers are a great opportunity to help your business grow, no matter where you are located.

Efficient operation of any office directly depends on well-established communication lines, and a phone connection is an important part. IP telephony has grown increasingly more popular, because it opens up new opportunities for business growth. For instance, to increase the customer capture, a company only has to order IP telephony installation and the service of a phone connection with the 8-800 federal number. This is extremely convenient for hotline call centers, customer support services, and sales and booking services.

Our company will help you to choose a direct phone number at an affordable price to insure cost-efficient communication. You will also be able to purchase a direct flat-fee phone number (which offers unlimited communication in many countries worldwide).

What is IP telephony and why is a direct phone number so cost-efficient?

IP telephony is phone connection that uses Internet protocol (IP). This technology, due to the transmission of voice packets via Internet or other IP networks, enables the unification of many organization facilities that are located in different countries, including the mobile workforce, into a single network.

Why do companies and organizations need to purchase a direct phone connection? A direct phone number provides you with a “connection without borders”. It offers affordable communication at favorable rates between a company and its business partners and customers, with no roaming or fixed location required. This technology also allows for the assigning of one virtual number to several mobile or landline phones.

IP telephony is a modern and cost-efficient technology, because with its help you can create a phone network for servicing large numbers of customers at one time. This service is especially important for call centers and companies that deal with telemarketing sales.

After installing a phone connection with a direct phone number, any company will immediately see all the advantages of the service. This type of connection ensures servicing large numbers of people at one time, which will inevitably lead to enhancing its customer base. A direct number is especially advantageous for large organizations, which use media channels to promote their products.

Our company offers a direct phone number, which will allow you to stay on top of things at your place of business, no matter what your location is. Thanks to this service, all company employees will become more available, because they will not have to use roaming services on business trips abroad for settling work-related issues.

You can buy direct numbers at a low price from our company. All that you need to do is to call us and submit a request.

A direct phone number is a popular modern service, which saves phone communication costs (especially when it comes to long-distance calls).