Benefits of buying a direct phone number

One of the keys to success – for any company – is a high-quality, well-established communication, as well as an opportunity to provide smooth communication with clients, target audience, partners and others.

Everyone knows that landline setup, phone line servicing, and payments, especially for long-distance calls, can be hectic and costly. No matter how small the company is - it needs at least 2-3 phones to be able to make and receive phone calls. And every move of a company requires that this entire process is repeated over and over again, including restoration of the whole database of clients that will not be able to reach the company at their old phone number.

However, the modern Internet technologies appear to be the best option in this matter. Provided by IP-technology, DID (virtual) number has become an effective solution. Today, it is an ideal alternative to traditional telephone systems – it is more effective, convenient, reliable, and functional.

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Virtual local phone number and its benefits

Why do more and more large, medium-sized and small companies and businesses today prefer to switch to direct local line provided by IP-telephony? First and foremost, it is due to availability of broader opportunities and benefits.

Depending on your needs and preferences, a local phone number – connected and configured within just a few hours – can perform a wide variety of functions:

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    Multi-channel number
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    Virtual local number (DID number)
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    Number 800
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    Fax-to-email numbers (Fax-to-email)
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    Send and receive text messages (SMSonline)
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    Multi-channel number - enables you to answer every single phone call and always stay connected with your target audience, clients and partners. There is no need in attaching it to office or any hardware. Depending on the number of lines, connected devices and messengers, the IP-gateway rapidly processes phone calls redirecting them to available devices or Skype, SIP, Gtalk and others.

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    Virtual local number that can be purchased with desired, easy-to-memorize combination of digits. You can also choose an option that, depending on the volume of calls, the day of the week, the time of the day and so on, allows you to distribute and redirect phone calls to indicated devices. And here is the best part: to purchase a local phone number, you don’t need to wait in the line, fill out a bunch of forms, sign a contract and so on. Everything can be done through the website.

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    Set up a Toll-free phone number Toll Free when all the expenses for incoming calls are paid by the addressee and not the caller. It is a great opportunity to attract a wider audience.

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    Buy a phone number that enables you to accept and transmit fax without attaching it to ineffective, bulky, slow equipment, the cost of tape and paper and other items. Fax comes to your email address.

  • 5

    Send and receive text messages – message sending by means of a virtual number for text messages

How do I buy a telephone number?

IP-telephony provides an opportunity to buy a telephone number for more than 65 countries, and the settings are very simple.

All you need to do is register in the system, access your Personal cabinet, select the number and necessary options, conveniently replenish your account, pay for service order and await confirmation of service (the entire process only takes a few hours).


  • low cost;
  • high-quality services;
  • fast setup;
  • wide area coverag;
  • confidentiality;
  • reliability

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