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Nowadays, mobile communication is necessary not only for businesspeople, but also for their team. However, it is extremely inconvenient to buy for each an individual office telephone number based on their cell phones. It is much easier to solve the problem in one shot - to become the owner of an entire virtual PBX in Moscow at once. As a result, you get the same attractive number for your office phones, which are also multichannel.
You do not have to buy any expensive equipment - just buy a virtual phone number.
An automatic telephone exchange, though a virtual one, works on the basis of a hardware-software complex or a personal computer with a special program. To understand the intuitive system of functional settings, you do not need to have a technical experience.
A virtual Moscow office has a lot of different possibilities of operative processing of incoming calls. It is also possible to record a conversation. In business it is vital, since sometimes there are contradictions and during the proceedings, both with clients and employees, this audio archive may come in handy.
It is essential to choose such equipment carefully. First of all, you should pay attention to the number of lines your office requires to fully provide your staff with a unique connection. Then you are to proceed to the analysis of its functionality.

What are the features of the virtual PBX in Moscow?

The digital technology Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, is known as the basis of voice communication over the World Wide Web. This is how IP-telephony differs from the traditional types of communication. Basically, the technology is widely used for calls to other cities in the country and abroad, because it allows to save money: such communication is either cheap or free. Besides, the calls with the help of the virtual PBX Moscow can be made from a computer, an IP- or a regular phone.
However, the invention of this technology comes in handy mostly for business people. It helps to build more effective communication of voice service in shortest terms due to: simplified and cheap introduction, as VoIP is installed and exploited on the basis of the Internet network used in the company; free internal communication; remote control of all communication possibilities via Internet.

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Benefits of PBX installation in the office

Due to VoIP technology, communication in your office will be easy and efficient. Your customers are sure to get through to company employees much easier as they won't have to wait long for their turn on the line because of a constantly busy line. Employees will also receive notifications of missed calls.

The virtual PBX on the basis of IP-telephony is the most effective tool for creating maximum comfortable and effective interaction with your customers, including a high level of service. Even by using only basic technology, the owner of such a station increases the efficiency of personalized service for all incoming calls by the office staff. Such a customer-oriented approach inevitably increases sales and therefore generates higher profits. The virtual PBX facilitates the development of any business. And most importantly, your customers will be satisfied with such high quality service.

Border-free communication

Automatic telephone exchange provides employees with internal numbers which can be called for free. Moreover, staff can organize a conference on a particular issue, transfer an incoming call, redirect urgent calls. This is available to anyone despite the location: to the virtual PBX in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Volgograd, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Vladivostok, as well as a cloud PBX in Minsk, Kiev, and so on.

Also employees of the company have the opportunity to call around the world. Note that it is profitable for the company, as communication via IP-telephony is much cheaper than ordinary calls. Another important advantage of PBX is that any employee, going on a business trip, can freely continue to use the number of their office phone, as it only takes to connect to the home office PBX via the Internet. And even from a personal smartphone, as long as the IP-telephony program is installed in it.

Reasons for installing PBX

IP-telephony is most often chosen by representatives of medium and small businesses, because the virtual PBX in Moscow has a number of indisputable advantages in comparison with the standard switch:
absence of equipment ;
no telephone cables;
affordable installation and further operation;
simple and quick setup;
high reliability;
no «permanent residence» in any address;
provided video and fax support.

Many users appreciate our IP-telephony for the availability of an automated telephone exchange from any part of the world. It becomes the foundation of a unified multi-service network based on local connection. Your company employees will be able to talk for free thanks to the virtual PBX in Moscow, even if they live in different cities. Everything we do is to serve you!


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