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Moscow is a huge megalopolis with boundless possibilities, which sets the rhythm of life. Doing business in Moscow is prestigious, promising and profitable. However, organizing an office with high-quality city telephone service in a megapolis is a problematic and expensive matter.
A Moscow landline number, which code begins with 495 or 499, is a kind of eloquent calling card for any company or business. So how do you get it, especially if the office is not located in Moscow?
IP-telephony comes to the aid, which is telecommunications by means of Internet technologies. And in Moscow the Internet is in demand as nowhere else. The technology of IP-communication via an Internet gateway allows you to get a direct and, what is important, a permanent telephone number with the Moscow area code in just a few hours, whether you are in Moscow or elsewhere, even abroad.
In this case a connected direct number in Moscow is a great opportunity to raise the status and prestige of the company, to improve business, to develop the business, to attract prospective partners and clients in the Moscow region.
You can organize main office in any part of the world, while virtual phone, which address from the hardware point of view doesn't differ from traditional one, will receive and redirect incoming calls to any of the specified devices (landline, cell phone, Skype, SIP, etc.).

What do I need to order a Moscow phone number?

Unlike the case with traditional technologies the Moscow city number served via IP is convenient, quick and easy. You no longer need to stand in queues, fill out forms, sign contracts, buy not at all cheap technological equipment and wait for a long time.

All you need is to visit the site, pass a quick registration in the system, log into your personal panel,

, where you can make the necessary settings before you buy a Moscow number.

In particular, there is an opportunity to choose Moscow telephone numbers, choosing easy-to-remember digital combinations, as well as to create an algorithm of internet-gateway operation for receiving, distributing, redirecting calls, text and even fax messages.

Then you are to read the price list, top up your balance in a convenient way, pay for the application and wait for the confirmation by e-mail, which you receive within several hours, that the Moscow phone number is connected and valid.

Now it is possible to use all advantages fully which are given by the Moscow phone number:

  • Improve the company's image, increase the level of confidence in the company.
  • Reduce communication expenses, including from Moscow clients, who can use a direct dialer.
  • Intensify work processes, time saving, what is possible due to the high speed of connection.
  • In order to buy a direct Moscow number, you need only an Internet access, there is no need for a lot of special switching equipment.
  • Opportunity to choose an attractive virtual Moscow number and fix it forever, no matter where the office is located, no matter what new place you move to, etc.
  • Stay always in touch due to the fact that IP Moscow telephone numbers that are ordered, paid for and adjusted accordingly serve as an effective management of incoming and outgoing lines, incoming calls, distribution of calls between available devices (stationary and mobile devices, SIP-devices, messengers and programs of voice communication Gtalk and Skype).
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How much does it cost to buy a direct Moscow number?

Connection with the help of IP-communications is much cheaper than cellular and usual city one, which cost a lot of money if you need to make and receive calls often, especially interregional and international ones.

Attention! Now there is a special offer for multichannel Moscow phones. We offer the lowest prices:

Number type+7-495+7-499
Set up(USD)00
Monthly fee (USD)2512

At the same time multichannel direct Moscow numbers with codes 495 and 499 are connected for free, while the monthly subscription is about $25 and $12 respectively.

But that's not all. It is possible to buy a city number in a megalopolis like Moscow with additional useful options, which can significantly increase the efficiency of using a Moscow phone number:

  • create a voice greeting;
  • develop and connect the IVR voice menu;
  • replace tedious beeps with a catchy melody;
  • start voice mail;
  • set up the distribution of incoming calls by office devices, as well as the schedule (day/night, days of the week, months, years, etc.).

Thus, it is worth to buy a Moscow number as a convenient, profitable and effective means of communication.

How to connect?

Choose a number type and apply online
Confirm the order and pay for the number
Make number settings in a personal profile

To connect direct Moscow DID number you need to make just a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a type number and make a request online. «Personal Panel».
  2. Confirm your order and pay for the number.
  3. Make settings for the number in your «Personal Panel».

A few hours after these procedures you will receive confirmation of the connection to your email, and you can start enjoying all the benefits of the most effective means of communication.

For the convenience of our customers, we tried to make a menu of personal account as accessible and informative as possible. Interactive tips and information units will help you every step of the way. Should you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

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