Cheap IP-telephony in Moscow

High-quality telephony in Moscow at prices lower than the operators provide.
Connect your office to the capital of Russia, being in any part of the world.
3 times reduces telephony costs
Office telephony in 1 day
Integration with analytics systems
Maximum control of the sales department
Connection in 100 countries
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Description of the service

Today more and more Russian and foreign companies recognize that IP-telephony is the most profitable type of communication for big and small companies alike. But the fact that VoIP-telephony is cheap alarms some people because they are under the impression that everything cheap must be low-quality or not good enough. That is why it is worth to understand why IP-telephony is the cheapest connection at the moment.
The thing is that the high cost of the calls with traditional telephony is explained by the fact that telecommunication companies bear considerable expenses on telephone exchange service, fiber-optic cable laying and other things in order to provide communication via usual phone lines. And it costs much less to provide Internet service.
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How to change to digital communication standards?

  • Удержать абонента на линии. Если все операторы заняты, за это время клиент может получить информацию о бонусах, акциях, скидках компании, прослушать приятную музыку
  • В автоматическом режиме собрать отзывы о приобретенном товаре, предоставленной услуге или качестве обслуживания
  • Отправить сообщение или голосовое приветствие на телефон в выходные, праздничные дни, когда сотрудники не на рабочем месте
  • Соединить с нужным отделом. Люди звонят в компанию, чтобы получить ответы на разные вопросы. Внедрение голосового меню, которое управляется кнопками телефона, позволяет направить звонящего к нужному оператору (например, в отдел продаж, отдел кадров, службу поддержки и т. д.)
  • Предоставить информацию в автоматическом режиме. Если звонящему нужно подключить дополнительную услугу (или отказаться от нее), передать показания счетчиков, в соединении с оператором нет необходимости. Достаточно правильно настроить голосовое меню. Это поможет сэкономить время сотрудников, позволит им сконцентрироваться на более важных проблемах
IP-telephony is cheap, modern and promising. Do not spend huge amount of money to pay for traditional telecommunications and implement in your office advanced digital telecommunications standards. It will not only reduce the cost of communication between remote offices or employees of your company, with foreign partners and clients, but also bring your company to a more efficient and productive level of work and will be a push to its success.
KataTelecom will help you organize and install IP-telephony in your office. Connection procedure by KataTelecom specialists is done rapidly in a day. Use new VoIP technologies and enjoy high quality, safe and cheap communication today.


KataTelecom will provide all users with high quality communication in any place of Russia and in the world.


Choose programs for mobile devices or computer, IP-phones, software PBX and other equipment performing the function of a communication terminal.

What possibilities cheap IP-telephony gives?

To make it clear, it is worth to consider an example when one user calls from PC with SIP-client installed to the company with SIP. This is the most shortened scheme of SIP. In reality, everything is much more complicated.
Create your own call center and receive all incoming calls on your phone from customers who can call you absolutely free
Provide access to your corporate communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world
Receive faxes online to the email address you specify and print only the faxes you need
Use the direct number of any country or city in the world that will allow to answer all the calls in your office and save a lot on international and local calls
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